Sex for Conception: What to do When Getting Pregnant Gets Boring

When health experts talk about "trying to conceive", they make it sound like a very precise science. And while knowing what’s involved in conception is important, there is one pre-conception step that most experts ignore: getting in the mood. But as women who are planning sex around their ovulation likely already know, all that planning can come at a certain price: namely, spontaneity.

We are made to think of sex as a passionate expression of a couple’s love. However, sex can quickly feel more like a means to an end when making babies is your goal. That is why we have come up with some sexy tips for getting your love life back to being precisely that.

Men & "Sex On Demand": Why it May Not Be as Sexy as You Think

Most women imagine that for men, ‘sex on demand’ would be no demand at all. In fact, for many couples in their courting and early relationship stages, it’s generally the man who is the primary ‘initiator’ of sexual relations – jumping at the mere prospect of their female partner ‘being in the mood’. That’s why many women are stunned when yelling, "It’s Time!" to their male partners doesn’t exactly get them running.

The problem is that ‘sex on demand’ can actually be very stressful for a man. Suddenly he is expected to perform essentially at your whim. And while timing intercourse around ovulation may seem like priority numero uno for you, it may start to make your partner feel a little used, which doesn’t bode well for his libido. What’s worse, over time, this kind of separation can foster feelings of resentment, blame and guilt – emotions that can actually lead to fertility problems.

So before you start mapping out next month’s ovulation calendar, find out how you can spice things up, and consequently, improve your relationship and your chances of getting pregnant!

Getting Back to Basics: Tips for Making Conception Sex Sexy

One of the most important things couples need to do when they decide they want to become pregnant is to get real about their expectations. While sex may no longer be the spontaneous moments of passion you’d imagined, that doesn’t mean it has to be a chore. Try out these great tips for making your conception sex sexy!

    1. Open up the lines of communication. If you’re feeling stressed out about becoming pregnant, anxious about your fertility, or just a little confused in general, it’s important that you are honest about your feelings both with yourself and with your partner. Knowing where you’re both coming from will help prevent misunderstandings.

    2. Get real. While hot passionate lovemaking may be everyone’s idea of great sex, it’s certainly not the only one. And when you’re trying to conceive, it’s definitely not the most realistic. That is where communication becomes key. When couples are connected emotionally, they are better able to let go of the fantasy and focus instead on making the reality good.

    3. Take some time out. While open dialogue is good, it might be a good idea to make at least one night of the week officially off limits for baby or ovulation talk. Focus instead on reconnecting with your partner. And if you’re feeling overwhelmed with baby planning, be sure to take some time out for yourself as well. Whether it’s a massage, a hot bath or a long chat with friends, include time for the things you enjoy. This will help clear your mind and prevent your emotions from getting out of control.

    4. Make time for romance. If you think about it, there is really only about a 3 to 5-day window in which your chances for conception are highest. That leaves nearly three and-a-half weeks just for fun! So be sure to make time for a little romance like a candlelit dinner for two as well as some spicier stuff, like taking a shower together or giving each other massages.

Finally, though you may not be able to fully restore your sex life until after a positive pregnancy test has been confirmed, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You are, after all, embarking on one of life’s most challenging and rewarding paths: parenthood! Enjoy it!

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