Cord Blood Storage

Cord blood may be donated to and stored in Umbilical Cord Blood Storage Centers. These volunteer cord blood banks function in much the same way as regular blood centers and blood banks. The cord blood in these centers is available to patients with diseases requiring stem cell transplantation who have not been able to obtain stem cells from other sources, such as bone marrow donated by relatives or unrelated donors from bone marrow registries.

Parents can also store their newborn's cord blood in private cord blood banks for potential use by the child or a relative. The collection fee for this type of storage is approximately $1,000 and the annual fee to store the cord blood is approximately $100.

The collected cord blood is taken to a laboratory where it is tested for signs of infection or other possible problems and HLA type, which is listed on the NMDP (National Marrow Donor Program) Registry and used to match the CBU (Cord blood Unit) with patients who need a transplant. Often, the red blood cells and plasma, which are not needed for transplants, are removed so the CBU takes less storage space.

If the CBU meets eligibility standards, the cord blood is mixed with a preservative solution and stored in a plastic or vinyl bag in specially controlled freezers at very low temperature. Cord blood can be stored for a long time, but studies are ongoing to determine the exact storage life of CBUs.

Most hematologists (blood specialists) and oncologists (cancer specialists) feel that the likelihood that a child or close relative will benefit from storing his or her own cord blood is extremely low (estimated at 1 out of 10,000 to 50,000), and that most privately collected cord blood is likely to be wasted.

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