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Kids always like to play dress up. It seems the most natural way in the world for children to define their ideas about women and men, and how they want to be when they grow up. It's important to provide them with the items they need for this type of play, as it aids them in their personal development. Besides, it's fun for kids to dress up and act a part. You'll be glad your kids have such a healthy way to play on rainy days when they're stuck inside, and otherwise driving you bonkers as you try to get something done!

How to start

One woman's garbage is her child's treasure

What you want to do is find a sturdy carton, or buy a deep plastic chest. Whenever you have an item of clothing that is no longer in fashion, or has a few stains too many to be deemed appropriate adult apparel, consider whether or not your child might like the item for his/her dress up box. Unusual items, such as berets, are great fun; your child can play the part of a Frenchman. Perhaps you've received some scarves as gifts, but you're not the scarf type. Into the box they go. One woman's garbage is her child's treasure.

Strings of plastic baubles or an empty perfume atomizer

You don't have to limit your child to items you've discarded. Flea markets and dollar stores have great accessories for very little cash. When you bring home these additions to your child's store of dress up materials, you'll be considered Mom of the Month. It's surprising how much pleasure some strings of plastic baubles or an empty perfume atomizer can bring your child.

When Halloween ends, 'haunt' your local stores for post-Halloween sales on makeup kits and other fantastic items for dress up play, for instance, fingerless lace gloves and fake fingernails. Save your old makeup for the dress up chest, too. Makeup items can be stored in a shoebox, inside the dress up chest, for convenience.

If the dress up chest gets overfull, go through the items with your child and see if there's anything he'd like to get rid of. You might also have your child tell you if there's anything he covets as an addition to his dress up box, and within reason, you can try to provide him with what he asks for.

Dress up play is a significant part of your child's development

It's important to see dress up play as a significant part of your child's development. Encourage your child to really indulge in this wonderful recreation.

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