Pregnant Dating: Tips for the Single Pregnant Woman

The dating world is a complicated one at any stage of the game, but when you’re pregnant, the stakes get even higher. That is because not only will your potential mate have to be compatible with you – but he will also have to be a good match for your new baby.

Of course, that doesn’t mean women should steer clear of dating during pregnancy; however, there are certain rules you can follow that can lessen any potential misunderstandings along the way. Read on for straightforward dating tips designed especially for the single and pregnant woman.

1. Be Honest
Obviously, a pregnancy can be very hard to hide during its later stages. However, it can also be very tempting to resist disclosing the fact that you’re pregnant during the first trimester. Don’t. Honestly is definitely the best policy when it comes to dating during pregnancy. It is important to remember that you have nothing to be embarrassed of.

The news may come as a shock to some men, but their reaction will be a very telling way of discerning whether or not the relationship has potential. Think of the news as a useful tool for weeding out the unworthy. And more importantly, being honest will get any potentially meaningful relationship off to a healthy start.

2. Don’t Compromise
Often times, pregnant women can feel they have to compensate for the fact that any potential companion would be taking on additional responsibility. Indeed, many feel the very fact that a man might be interested in a pregnant woman is enough to make him worthy of being her partner.

Without question, this is a dangerous mentality to be in for a variety of reasons. Most importantly is the fact that the person you choose to be with has to be someone who can be supportive of you during your pregnancy, and beyond. After all, a child is for life. If your partner is going to be too, then you better be sure he’s up to the task.

That means setting standards and sticking to them. You might consider making a list before you start dating outlining the qualities you are looking for a partner – that way you’ll have something to refer to if you start to veer off track.

4. Keep Your Ears Perked
Once you find someone you’re interested in, it can be easy to fall into the trap of disregarding some of the seemingly insignificant things they say. However, it is important to be on the lookout for some telling signs that your date may not be your ideal match.

For example, some men might have no problem with the fact that you’re pregnant – in fact, it may even be a turn on – but at the same time not want to even mention the word “baby”. This is an obvious red flag. Other things to be wary of include: unfinished divorce, soaring debt, and a quick temper. Remember, this person could become a father figure for your child – his attitudes and behaviors should be suitably matched.

3. Be Conscious of Your Children
If you’re pregnant but already have older children, you’ll want to be conscious of them while you’re dating. While it may not be necessary or in some cases advisable to introduce your children to every man you date - as this can cause confusion and even resentment - it is important not to shield them to the ones who could potentially become an important part of their lives as well.

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