Food Allergies During Pregnancy

Of course if you have certain food allergies prior to pregnancy you will want to avoid them just as strenuously during your pregnancy.

Many women, however, note that foods they have never been allergic to are suddenly causing them grief. Anecdotal stories abound of moms-to-be eating a food they have always loved, and suddenly having an allergic reaction.

It appears that products containing milk are the most likely to cause trouble, but other women have noted that certain fruits such as bananas, apples and pears suddenly cause their skin to itch or their throat to itch and even close up.

Cheese, chocolate and eggs also seem to be common offenders. Most physicians agree that these sudden food allergies can subside during the second or third trimester, and most go away following birth. It is still wise to discuss any strange food allergies with your doctor and get his or her spin on it.

Preventing Allergies in Baby

Your allergies during pregnancy as well as how you manage them can have an impact on your baby's future health, not to mention his or her predisposition to allergies.

There is approximately a 30% chance your baby will have an allergy if you do, and if both you and your husband suffer from allergies, the chances your baby will also jumps to 60%. There are ways to prevent baby from developing allergies.

If both parents have the same allergy, then the risk to your unborn baby is as high as 80%. Mothers who either smoke during their pregnancy or persist in eating foods which provoke allergies during the last few months of pregnancy risk provoking serious allergies in their baby.

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