Baby Monitor

When you begin to consider how you will want to outfit your baby's nursery, think about buying a baby monitor. Motorola has launched several types of digital baby monitors that are worth exploring. Two of these monitors even come with video monitoring to give you extra peace of mind.

Motorola has a reputation for making high-quality products and the new video baby monitors, the MBP30 and MBP35, are no exception. With these video monitors, busy parents get a bit of an assist in supervising baby as he sleeps in his crib, or rolls around in his playpen. A mom can be working in her office or in the kitchen and keep tabs on baby at the same time.

Flushed Cheeks

In the past, parents had to rely on audio-monitors. They could hear the baby cry, but would they really hear it if the baby were choking or stopped breathing? These monitors take out the guess work and give you a more complete monitoring experience. You can see if your baby is not in the correct sleeping position, notice any potential choking or smothering hazards, and watch for signs that your baby needs help: vomiting, flushed cheeks that signals fever, or an asthma attack.

But there's an additional benefit to these monitors: you won't have to repeatedly sneak into the baby's room, trying not to make noise that will awaken him when you want to check and make sure he's okay. You won't have to worry about squeaky floorboards and stuck doors waking the baby when you're just trying to get a little peek at your little guy. Most of all, the monitor relieves your natural fears and worries about your baby's well-being when he's not next to you.

Crisp Sound

Motorola also has two new digital audio baby monitors. The MBP15 and MBP10 monitors use advanced technology to give you crisp, clear sound. The monitors even come with indicators that can help you interpret your baby's sounds: is he just making little noises or is he crying?

What do you get with Motorola's top of the line product? The MBP35 comes with a 3.5 inch LCD color screen. This monitor comes with night vision and will adjust brightness automatically so you can even see your baby in the dark. The MBP35 video monitor has a very long range. You can be up to 450 feet away from your baby, or anywhere in your house, and still keep tabs on his well-being.

Not enough bells and whistles to convince your wallet? Well, there's also two-way communication so you can soothe your baby from a distance, a temperature monitor so you can see if his room is too hot or too cold, and five lullabies you can choose from to help lull your infant to sleep.

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