A look at different trends in learning developments


Education is a critical part of a young person’s development. This help shapes their future and the lives of those around them. Learning the right skills from a young age is important and the time from birth up until the age of 12 is a key period.

During this stage, schools and parents need to work with children by using a variety of educational tools from new technologies and books, through to sports equipment and even toys.

The UK’s education system has seen many trends come and go and children’s learning has changed significantly since 1980. Let’s take a look at some of the top trends that have existed in UK schools:


Calculators were first introduced into UK schools around the 1970s but their use is now widely controversial, with many schools banning them to encourage their children to conduct mathematical problems on their own accord. However, others argue that calculators encourage children to learn new math skills and are a beneficial tool for children.


Modern computers range from laptops and tablets to Chromebooks and PCs and all of these devices can be used to help children to learn and develop their skills. It is vital to have a variety of school supplies to aid the learning and development of children at school.

Computers are often used in modern classrooms and teachers can use touch screen devices to give presentations and speeches, while children are encouraged to learn how to use modern technology at a young age.

New methods of teaching

The way we learn is a very individual thing, and teachers are now trained differently than they used to be. By breaking traditional ways of teaching and learning more about what a specific child needs, teachers are able to apply more adaptive teaching methods to cater for an individual’s needs. Teachers can receive in-depth training throughout a term and this ensures that they remain up to date about new teaching trends, in order to do their job well.

Tests and exams

Exams have changed from O Levels to GCSEs and nowadays mock exams are also commonly used. Continuous assessment is also frequently used alongside exams to count towards the final grade of students and this is highly beneficial for students who don’t work well under exam conditions and is ultimately a way to help students to achieve a fairer result.

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