The study exposed prenatal mice to cell phones. The mice developed smaller brains with more brain damage than the mice that were not exposed to the radiation.

Yet another study followed around women who had used cell phones a lot during their pregnancies. After the babies were born, they studied the growing children and discovered that they had a higher incidence of learning disabilities and behavioral problems than children whose moms used cell phones infrequently during pregnancy.

What can we do?

The less you are exposed, the less the risk.

  • If you have WI FI in your home, turn it off at night.
  • Do not carry a cell phone on your body (place it in your purse or briefcase)
  • When at home or work, use a landline or corded phone
  • Use a headset when you talk on your cell phone
  • Avoid sitting right in front of your computer screen and try to use a laptop over a larger monitor

Why take chances?

Some would argue that there may not be a connection between humans and mice, rendering the mice study invalid. Others say this is all hype. But, why take chances? Do your own research and take responsibility for your developing baby.




Table of Contents
1. Cell phone risks
2. Tips to avoid radiation
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