Baby Names Starting With F

Fabian Greek Bean Farmer
Fabron Latin Mechanic
Fairfax Anglo Saxon Fair Haired
Falkner Old English Falcon Trainer
Farley Old English Residence Name
Farman Anglo Saxon Traveller
Farrell Celtic Man of Valor
Felix Latin Prosperous
Fenton Old English Residence Name
Ferdinand Teutonic Adventurous in Life
Ferguson Gaelic Manly
Ferris Gaelic Iron Worker
Fitzgerald Teutonic Son of Gerald
Fleming Anglo Saxon Dutchman
Fletcher French Arrow Maker
Floyd Old English The Hollow
Forrest Latin Woodsman
Foster Old English Bird Catcher
Francis Teutonic Free
Frank Old French Free
Frasier French Strawberry
Frederick German Peaceful Ruler
Freeman Anglo Saxon A Freeman
Fritz Teutonic Peaceful Ruler
Faith Greek Faith and Devotion
Fannie Teutonic Free
Farica Teutonic Peaceful Ruler
Farrah, Fara Middle English Beautiful One
Fatima Arabic Daughter of the Prophet
Faustine Latin Fortunate
Fawn Latin A Baby Deer
Faye Old French Fairy
Fedora Greek Divine Gift
Felicia Latin Happy
Fern Old English From a Fern Plant
Fidelity Latin Faithfulness
Fifine, Fifi Hebrew He Shall Add
Fiona Celtic Pretty
Flavia Latin Blonde
Fleta Teutonic Swift
Fleur French-Latin Flower
Flora Latin Flower
Floria Latin Flowering
Frances Teutonic Free
Francesca Teutonic Free
Francine Teutonic Free
Freda, Frida Teutonic Peaceful
Frederica Teutonic Peaceful Ruler
Fulvia Latin Blonde

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