Being The Best Father You Can Be Continued...

Be Available
Being available to your children on more than just the weekends is very important. They need to know that you will always be there for them. It also allows you to be more actively involved in their growing up.

Respect for you partner is just as important as having respect for your children. Not only will this allow your relationship with your partner to flourish, but your children will pick up on this. A happy family is always a loving family.

Communication is the key to any family or relationship. This goes for being a father as well. Being a good father means that you and your partner need to communicate and work together to make decisions that involve your children.

Praising Your children
Children love to show you what they have made or done, and it is important for them to seek your approval. Praise your children for what they do. But remember that unfounded, inflated self-esteem is worse than never praising your child, so be sure to work a healthy balance. Also remember that they are learning things that are new to them, even though it is an old hat for you.


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