Father's Guide To Soothing A Crying Baby

Find the Source
At the first sounds of crying, try to figure out the source of your baby's pain. This includes the usual suspects of hunger, needing a diaper change or gas. Once you've identified the source, solve the problem!

Pinky Trick
If you are uncertain as to what the problem may be, your baby may just need to be comforted. Offer your pinky for your baby to suck on. Place your pinky, nail down, into your babies mouth. Just remember to clean your hands first, as there is a good chance of causing infection if your finger isn't clean.

Feeding is a great way to soothe and bond with your baby. Ask your wife to express some milk and put it in a bottle to feed your baby with. When the tears start up, you can sit down in a quiet spot and offer the breast milk.

Rockaby Baby
Babies love to be held and rocked; skin-on-skin contact is a great way to soothe a crying baby. Combine this with gentle singing and you may be surprised at how quickly your baby will settle down.

Use a front loading sling to comfort your baby. The warmth of your body and the beating of your heart combined will soothe your baby, and quite possibly lull them into a gentle sleep.

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