Plus Size Fertility Concerns

Many women worry, before they try to conceive for the first time, that they may have fertility issues.  One group of women who tend to worry even more than others about this issue is overweight women.  They wonder if being overweight correlates in any way with fertility issues.  They want to know if there are specific infertility issues and treatments that are used for overweight women.  These are the topics that we will tackle in this article to help women of size to be more comfortable and prepared as they head into the joy of parenthood.

Specific Issues for Plus Size Women

According to one American study, 50% of women between the ages of 25 and 55 in America are overweight.  This means that you are not alone if you're overweight and trying to conceive.  Extra weight by itself does not constitute an assumed problem with fertility.  The issue that is more common for overweight women is ovulation problems.  This is the main issue to examine when you begin to look into fertility issues.  Women who are overweight have extra estrogen, because fat cells produce estrogen.  Estrogen often works like a birth control in the body.  So, overweight women may find that they either don't ovulate, or that they have inadequate ovulation.  These issues can, obviously, harm your chances of becoming pregnant.  Women of size also have more polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) issues and more chance of a luteal phase defect (LPD).  Both of these have to do with ovulation and irregular cycles.  If you've had trouble getting pregnant and are overweight, ask your doctor about these issues.  There are blood tests and ultrasounds that can be done to check for these difficulties.

Specific Fertility Treatments for Plus Size Women

There are no specific fertility treatments for overweight women.  Once a problem has been identified, an overweight woman would undergo the same treatments that a smaller women would have.  There might be some tests that are harder to run during treatment, but a skilled doctor should know how to deal with any of these issues.  Some doctors may tell you that you need to lose weight before they will work with you.  You have to make a decision for yourself if you agree with them, and feel confident that you can lose the weight; if you do not want to listen to them, then it's your right to try to find another doctor who will work with you as you are.

The Right Doctor

Unfortunately, you may have to be prepared for some rude doctors and some judgmental comments.  Fertility issues are very sensitive, and you have the right to work with someone who will make you comfortable and optimistic.  There are certainly doctors out there who work with overweight women and who know how to work well with them.  Speak to your general practitioner and to friends to find the right fertility specialist in your situation. 

Once you've found a good doctor who is interested in helping you to become pregnant, you should expect the same fertility testing that any other woman would undergo.  The first things you'll probably be tested for are PCOS and LPD, as these are very common in heavy women.  In addition, you'll have all of the same tests done that other women undergo to try to conceive. 

Fertility issues are difficult for any couple.  An overweight woman goes through the same fears and insecurities that any other woman experiences.  Make sure that you have a supportive partner, a supportive doctor and good friends to help you through this period.  Stay optimistic and get ready for the great day when you will, hopefully, become a parent!

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