Diagrams - Pregnancy Diagrams and Charts

Pregnancy diagrams won't help you conceive, but they will give you an idea of what your unborn baby looks like in each stage of his or her development. Your midwife or obstetrician will have a good selection of these types of diagrams. Your practitioner may even have little dolls or dummies that signify what's happening to your unborn baby at each stage and how it's affecting your uterus and what's going on inside the uterus.

The American Pregnancy Association also has some of the best sources for current pregnancy diagrams as well as prenatal advice and other tips for pregnant women. Contact the association directly to see if they'll send you literature. The association's website also has a variety of diagrams and charts easily accessible at your convenience.

The DVD The Biology of Prenatal Development is a 42-minute video fully of 3-D pregnancy diagrams and actual shots of fetal development at various stages of an unborn child's life. The science documentary has won several awards from the Endowment for Human Development (EHD) and is highly reviewed by most users. It uses six different imaging technologies to create what has been described as a "visually compelling program."

Pregnancy Diagrams and Pregnancy

Pregnancy diagrams are nice to see and give you an idea of what your baby looks like, but they're not needed to create a successful pregnancy. Abortion diagrams are definitely not necessary for a successful pregnancy, but they may dissuade someone who is considering an abortion from getting one if they find the images disturbing.

Most abortion diagrams are produced and published by pro-life organizations and they're often done for shock value. Some people say the images exaggerate the actual process. Still many medical professionals including abortionists agree that the information is accurate and regular pregnancy diagrams match the pro-life images of the development of the fetus at each stage of pregnancy. The only difference is that regular photos are meant to show a living fetus while abortion diagrams are meant to show one being terminated.

What are Pregnancy Charts?

Pregnancy charts is a general term used to describe many different parts of a pregnancy and getting pregnant. There are pregnant charts for determining the best time to conceive. There are pregnant charts to help you figure out how far along you are in your pregnancy. There are even pregnancy charts for counting down to your due date.

Pregnancy Charts Just For Fun

The Chinese Conception Chart, also known as the Chinese Conception Calendar or the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar, is supposed to predict whether you're going to have a boy or a girl. The calendar could also be used to try to have a specific gender.

The chart has a list of the mother's age of conception on the left-hand side from 18 years old to 45 years old. Along the top is the month of conception from January to December. To use it, find the line with your age and then follow that line along until you reach the month you conceived. A pink square means you'll be having a girl and a blue square means you'll be having a boy.

This chart isn't scientifically proven to work, but apparently was used centuries ago in China. According to story, the original Chinese Pregnancy Chart was buried in a royal tube about one thousand years ago and is now in the Beijing Institute of Science.

As far as accuracy is concerned, some statistics suggest that the Chinese Conception Chart is 80 percent to as high as 93 percent accurate. It's a chart not to be taken too seriously and can be taken for fun by you and any pregnant friends or friends who have already had babies. It can be entertaining to see how often the prediction is right. You can be guaranteed that there's a 50 percent chance the chart will provide the right prediction every time!



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