Playing With Your Fetus: Touch Games

You will probably have felt your fetus move by 24 weeks, possibly earlier. Shortly after you can detect baby's movement, others will also be able to detect hers! It's a wonderful experience for all members of the family to be able to experience a living, acting proof that there is a baby inside your belly! Now is around the time that you can use touch as a womb game for you and your developing baby.

While may agree that feeling Baby kick can be a bonding experience for Dad and siblings, many have not considered that Baby can feel them move too! When you are sitting or laying quietly during an active period for Baby, try this. When you feel him kick or punch, try tapping back. Baby will be able to feel whoever is tapping your belly and she may even respond back.

Vary the pressure, frequency, and location of your family's tapping and see how Baby responds. If you play this game enough, not only will Baby respond, but there have been anecdotes of fetuses responding with the kick of punch in the same place as you tap! This is not only a stimulating game for Baby, but it's bound to be a favorite amongst your partner and other children too.

You can play this game in another way too: instead of waiting for Baby to respond to you in kind, wait for Baby to initiate the play and respond in a similar fashion to her. Tap back when and in the same place that she kicks. Wait to see if she responds back or tires a new location.

The tapping game will give Baby a chance to exercise and test her reflexes, but it may also give her an early lesson in cause and effect.



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