I'm Bored in Here! Games for Baby In the Womb

Even while many women enjoy the special time they share with their fetuses during pregnancy, most also can't wait for Baby to be born so that they can bond more interactively. However, just because you baby hasn't been born yet doesn't mean that you can't start playing while he's still in the womb! Since Baby has the ability to hear and feel before being born, use mediums to give your little one some audio and touch entertainment!

Playing with Baby while still in your belly will help both of you bond, and importantly, having your partner and any other children play with Baby in the womb will help them bond too. For instance, the voices Baby hears most in the womb are the voices the he will respond to most when he's born.

Play in the womb can also help stimulate Baby's physical and intellectual development. Even though your baby isn't in the "real world" yet, she can test her reflexes and be amused by new sounds. She may even be able to learn about cause-and-effect to a limited degree!

But remember, while more and more people emphasize the importance of fast-tracking your baby's intellectual and physical development through play as soon as possible, a simple truth remains - playing with your baby is, and should be, fun for both of you!

Although it may feel slightly awkward at first and you won't know exactly what to say or do, for many starting to play with Baby before she's born is instinctual. Let the interaction unravel naturally, and remember, just have fun!

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