Adotpion And Paternal Rights

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Jeremiah - January 3

Well, I probably have no place on here being a man, but I just have a couple of questions... My fiance and I are together and she is pregnant from another relaionship. I have been with her the entire pregnancy and support her in every way, to include the child. We both want me to adopt the child as my own and the bio father wants nothing to do with the child. He has stated that he just wants out of the whole situation. We will be getting married this coming October and the baby is due in May. We don't know what to do as far as the bio father "signing over his rights", me adopting, and if we can put my name on the birth certificate. Do we have to wait for the baby to be born in order for the bio father to sign his rights over and for me and do we have to wait until we are married in order for me to adopt. The bio father is in complete consent with the whole thing but we just don't know what to do. I want to thank you for whoever can help us out figure out some answers...


lunamoo - January 9

I would certainaly consult a family lawyer. It's worth the 1/2 hour consultation TO MAKE 100% sure you do it certainly don't want this to come back around in the wrong way.


mjvdec01 - January 18

The mother can name anyone she wants as the father on the birth certificate. Any further than that and you need to consult an attorney.


DazedandConfused227 - April 8

anybody can sign the birth certificate. as far as the bio father he can sign over his rights and i believe u can adopt the baby. u just have to figure out where to go...with my first child that i gave up for adoption i signed over my rights before i had him. it might be different for men. they might have to do dna test first. but find out whatever you can as soon as u can cuz it might take a while


DanCursTexas - July 18

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DanCursTexas - July 18

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