Come Oooon We Want Updates In Here

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searching - November 2

Has anyone got what they were looking for on this site? It would be lovely and encouraging to read on updates and results from previous posts. Anyone??? Love... :-)


RobynD - November 4

Hi searching: Wish I could, I did get one response from a very sweet girl from India. But, our Home Study only allows us to adopt domestically as well as our attorney. I did refer her to our attorney as I'm sure he will be able to point her in the right direction. I have had a couple responses from ads but so far have just been girls that are either not pregnant and just looking for attention or scammers. I do have ads going up next week in newspapers and Thrifty Nickel's I'll let you know if they work out. Our attroney has been the most helpful so far, he has referred us to 2 potential birth mom's and we have only been working with him for 3 weeks. I do think he is the best bet so far for matching us. Best of luck to you!


searching - November 4

Good luck to you as well. We signed up with local adoption agency because I had no idea how to advertise ourselves and how to find birthmoms. So,, after the home study and licensing and after paying the program fee, our social worker kindly told us that we are better off looking for the birth-mother ourselfs....bummer....they couldn't say so before we payed them hej. So here I am putting myself out there and getting few responses here and there which are getting me nowhere yet. And as you, we have a home study for domestic adoption as well.


Karlastacyplusbaby - November 10

I am home studied with an agency for domestic as well. We have been on their list for 3 months which I know is not long but I am trying to network for myself as well. I have had one contact from another forum.... She decided to parent. I won't give up networking but I will say it is so much cleaner and less emotionally taxing when the agency handles it all for you. It is really tough having all that contact with a bmom yourself...then having it not go through. Our agency obviously was involved but the bmom texted and emailed us alot. It was heartbreaking when she decided to parent...but all part of the process. Good luck to you guys. Learn more about us : google " Karla and Stacy adoption"


maxymem - December 8

I am a 16year old male who lives in Singapore hoping to get adopted. I do not mind living in any other countries as long as i can have a family who trusts and loves me. If you are willing to see through the paperwork to get me adopted i would be glad to accept you as my new family. Contact me, maxymem1994 at hotmail dot com From : L (Gifted)


Unfortunately, due to the fact that many people have been using this forum to essentially try to "buy" or "sell" babies we have decided not to permit any more posts to this area of the site

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