Looking For A Loving Family To Adopt My Baby

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birthmotherMO - October 20

Oh my, Didn't realize how many kind responses I have received since I made this post.. My email hid the notifications in my spam box~ I recently made another post, and would like to mention that my internet access is limited.. Responses with phone numbers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks~


keitht66 - October 20

Hi there. You can reach us at toll free 877-354-0525 or you can see our profile at double u double u double u dot cory and keith dot com Im not sure if phone numbers can be posted but gonna give it a shot


searching - October 23

Hi. Call me anytime at 708-415-8509. We would like to know what you are looking for. We are married couple from Illinois, ready to adopt a baby/child. Jana and Peter.


lfsgd - November 2

Jenna, First and foremost, you are an amazing, courageous woman to consider adoption for your unborn child. As a Missouri resident myself, let me remind you that unless you have “signed paperwork” with the adoption attorney in Utah there is nothing legally binding you to them. Missouri law specifically states that there MUST be a child BORN before adoption paperwork can be drawn up. I am not familiar with Utah law but none-the-less, it just “doesn’t sound right.” If you don’t feel comfortable with what is happening, listen to God’s whisper and do what feels right with your heart. Adoption is about you and your baby and honestly, you can find your adoptive parents without an attorney. Our attorney in Arkansas has all the adoptive parents on his website. You can read about each one, skim through pictures, reply to their email, or even call them personally with any questions. This eliminates the attorney until YOU decide if you find a couple that you like. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t start bonding NOW with the couple that is going to raise your baby. The attorney, whom is paid by the adoptive parents, is there when you need him but adoption should not be about the attorney! Our attorney prides himself in birthmothers having relationships with adoptive families and taking care of birthmothers during and after pregnancy (living allowance, etc) and that sounds like what you need immediately! arkansasadoptionservices dot com/adopting-couples.html Jenna, you are overwhelmed and it’s unfortunate that someone is making this difficult for you. I would encourage you to talk with a social worker in your area--I know a great one in Southwest Missouri if you’re interested. Get some insight on what’s best for you and your baby from a neutral perspective. I pray that God will lead you to the family that is the perfect match and that you will have a peace in your heart that your child is in a family that loves them deeply and that you loved them enough to place them there. Thoughts are with you, Michele


ildelfonso84@gmail.com - November 8

7872220163 this is my number. my name is jr rios my partner and i have two kids a boy 12 years old and a girl 7 years old. we would love to adopt your baby . we would be ok with an open adoption. we have been looking to adopt for a while. i understand how your feeling i was 14 with my first child and live on my own since i was 16 i have both of the kids living with me until i met my partner. we are so happy and have all ready to adopt. we have a lot of love to give 27 years old now, a stay at home father. i take my kids to school pick them up and also help them with there homework my partner works to provide. we live in nv we have property in puerto rico so we take alot of family trips to puerto rico you can see my facebook so you can get to know my family and see how your child would be taken care of ildelfonso84 at gmail dot com we would also be ok with home visits so you would know your baby would be well taken of thank u and know god loves you and he always has a plan i made it and very happy thanks to god.


aidenanddevin - November 12

Hi, my name is Amy, i dont know if you have already found a family to adopt your baby yet or not but hoping that just maybe you could consider me, i am 25 and have been with my husband for going on 8 years, i have 2 wonderful boys 4 and 5. I am a CNA and going to school now to be a PCA, my husband is in the HVAC trade. both of my boys are into sports, my 5 year old plays football and my 4 year old plays t-ball. we live in arkansas, 2 years ago we were trying to try for our 3rd when i ended up having to have a hysterectomy, i have a very large family and have been there for me. your baby would complete my family, we love to be outdoors and most of all have fun. i can promise you that we would give your baby more then he or she can dream of. he or she will be loved and protected. thank you for your time and hope that i may hear from you, Amy:)


mariechels08 - November 22

HI Jenna, I am very interested in this adoption process, I am from St.Peters MO if you could please contact me at 636-293-7426 thank you


Michelle30 - November 22

Hi and welcome, We live in Wisconsin and are looking to adopt our first child. We live in a great neighborhood, and have a welcoming home with an extra bedroom for your child. Please call me at 262-424-2177. Thank you for considering us.


melewoods - January 2

Hello my name is Melanie. I'm a 39 year old woman who had to have a totally hysterectomy years ago before I was able to have a child of my own. I'm looking to adopt a newborn and provide it a wonderful loving home and extended family. I am a licensed independent social worker in Ohio and am just completing my PhD in Human Services Administration. I am financially stable and have the potential for a lucrative future in my field. I own my own home and reside with my kin Mother who is eager to be an in home grammy. I also have my two parents, sister/brother in law, nephews, and grandmother all within a couple hours of my home and they are ready to add to our family. I am single but believe that if it is meant to be the right person will come into my life. I do, however, have strong male role models in my world who can serve as mentors for a wonderful young child. I am a Christian who believes that there are many paths to spiritual growth and each person has to find that path for themselves with guidance, love, and support. I hope that you consider me for the adoption of the gift that you have within you. I am open to any and all questions you may have. Please contact me and I will be happy to discuss anytime night or day. (330)635-6860


hopingtoadopt2012 - January 17

I'm not sure if you found a family. But, if you are still looking. My husband and I are hoping to adopt. 804-339-7429


blakes_mom1 - February 3

Jenna, I made a reply to you earlier, I live in Missouri also, I see that you were wanting a phone number. My cell is 1-573-330-1398. I would love to talk to you. Thanks Heather


lauriesf - February 3

HI Jenna - I can not imagine what you are going through and hope you and yours are in a better place now. I think it's amazing that you have chosen adoption for your child, and we would be honered if you considered us as your childs parents. If you are still considering families we would love to talk to you. Below is our profile site if you want to check out more about us. Either way you sound like an amazing person and I wish all the best in your journey. 1-877-300-9487 iheartadoption/users/thomasfamily


vanover - March 10

Jenna, Hello..my name is Robert and my wife is Yan. We live in Loveland Ohio. Tonight me and my wife talked about adoption and stange enough I came across this posting. We have a little girl that turned 2 in Dec. I cant even think how you must feel. My heart breaks every morning when I leave for work, knowing my girl is going to wake and call for me hoping that Im still home. If in the end you chose to let your baby go, we are here. We have a big house with empty rooms, You can call me at 5132434599 if you want to talk, or just need advise. Thanks robert


bowman2121 - March 13

Hi I commend what you are doing. My husband and I are looking to adopt. And would love to talk to you if you have not yet chosen anyone. you can view our profile on facebook bowmans adoption or call me Kristen at 205-337-5983 . U hope to hear back from you soon. Good luck with everything and God bless!


wantababytolove - March 18

You are the answer to our prayers! I hope you are doing okay. I would love to hear from you. We would devote our lives to taking care of your little one and loving her/him and providing everything possible for them. In other words, we would love to spoil them rotten, lol!


wantababytolove - March 18

Oh!!! I fogot to give you our phone number! 318-272-2600, please call anytime, we are waiting to hear from you!


Unfortunately, due to the fact that many people have been using this forum to essentially try to "buy" or "sell" babies we have decided not to permit any more posts to this area of the site

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