Looking For A Loving Family To Adopt My Baby

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wantababytolove - March 18

Oh!!! I fogot to give you our phone number! 318-272-2600, please call anytime, we are waiting to hear from you!


michellengregwantoadopt - March 24

Jenna, As I read your post, I could not help but feel that you were describing us, we are searching for a child to love unconditionally and have a tremendous amount of love, support and opportunity to give this baby. I grew up in a similar situation as you described and my mother, my personal hero also found the strength to free herself from an abusive marriage. I admire your strength in so many ways, not only for being an amazingly strong mother to your little ones, but for also seeing that you could be the miracle that we have been searching for! We are very happily married for nearly 9 years, madly in love, best friends with each other and want nothing more than to shower our little one with love and joy. Please call us, there is so much more to say, but I think you will see that we are what you described in your post. Toll-free 1-855-382-3678 or our website is michellengregwantoadopt dot com Open, loving arms await! With love and hopeful anticipation, Michelle & Greg


jakeandranhinkle - March 25

Jenna, My husband and I are 29 and 30. We have been trying for years to get pregnant and have been through multiple unsuccessful fertility procedures. I read your posting, and we fit the description of what you are looking for perfectly. I am a registered nurse and my husband remodels homes. We are very laid back and enjoy spending family time. I have 5 neices and nephews ranging from ages 1 to 8. (Lots of other kids to play with) In the event that you are seeking an open adoption, my husband's best friend lives in Missouri and we go visit about once a year. I know you may not always be located in Missouri, but I wanted to make sure that you knew we would be comfortable with as little or as much contact as you would want to have and would be willing to bring the baby to visit you and it's siblings. With that being said...I would be happy to tell you more about us. Our email address is jakeandranhinkle at yahoo dot com. We look forward to hearing from you.


Teachin357 - April 2

We talked about adopting even before we were married. We are thrilled that you are even taking the time to consider us as parents for your child. We realize that this is a very important decision for you, and we can only hope that what we can share about ourselves will help to lessen your concerns. Our home is filled with an abundance of love and laughter and we cannot wait to share that with a child. When we decided that it was time to expand our family, we expected that it would happen like most, through pregnancy. After we learned that having a child, biologically, was not going to happen, we knew immediately that adoption was the path meant for us. We are honest, hardworking, and caring people. We see life as an adventure and we love to share and help others. Our families are very important to us and we spend a lot of time together making memories. Every family member is thrilled that we will be adopting, and they can't wait to know and love this special little person. We recognize that education is very important. We will support our children in pursuing every dream they have. Whether it’s making the school musical or soccer team or becoming a doctor, they will know they have their family’s support. Extracurricular opportunities will be encouraged to help your child be a well rounded individual. More than anything, we want you to know how much we will unconditionally love your baby. It is the very least we can do to prove the respect we have for the selfless choice you are considering for your child and admiration we have for you by putting your faith in our family. Just knowing that you are reading our letter is exciting because it may mean the beginning of our family's answered prayers! Please email dustinkristi AT gmail DOT com OR text eight one six 914 eight seven 45. We are located very close to you on the KS/MO border.


Danni-Jean - May 20

Hello Hun, My husband,and I have been trying to adopt for 3yrs with no luck. We live in Maine,and are willing to travel.We would love to talk to you . You can call,or text me Danielle at 1-207-754-2714. My email is SweetpDanni at aol.com Thanks You !


MommaCat - July 29

Jenna, I would very much like to speak to you about becoming your baby's adoptive mother. You may call me at: 916-223-5449. Because this is a very personal and precious matter between birthmom and adoptive mom, I would prefer to discuss you needs and desires via telephone.. Blessings, Cat


pikejessica - July 31

Hi.... My name is Jessica and I live in Arkansas about 45 mins from Missouri. I would be interested in visiting with you and can even travel to meet you if you would be interested in talking. My contact info is jessicapeglar(at)yahoo(dot com) or 479-422-8510. Looking forward to hearing from you :)


Ejesbe - August 12

Hi. My husband and I have been married for five years and we would really love to adopt. We live in Ohio. Please contact samanthaelrod1 at yahoo dot com


shellbelln - September 27

Hi Jenna, My name is Michelle. My husband and I are both caucasian and in our mid thirties. We have been on an adotion journey for a long time and though our case worker is fantastic, we have not yet successfully adopted. We have had a fully furnished and decorated nursery for longer than I ever imagined. I have natural light blonde hair and have been dreaming to be a mommy. My husband and I have day dreamed of all that we would do for the child we could call our own. I do not know if you will be online again or if you have possibly filled your hopes of finding your perfect family. We are easy going and laid back people. I am sorry you had to experience the situation you had gone through but know you are strong and will only become stronger from closing the door to a terrible person. You may email me if you are still seaking a couple and I would be happy to send photos and answer any questions you have. Michellefejes at yahoo dot com best wishes to you


chughes951 - October 16

Hi Jenna my name is Carrie. I am 29 years old n caucasian with blonde hair. No blue eyes. Please call or text me at nine five one five eight eight three three two seven or email me at chughes245 at Gmail (dot) com. I want to help you out and love your little miracle. He/she would be a blessing to me because I can not conceive


Sl - October 18

Still looking?


Ejesbe - October 18

Hello Jenna, my husband and I have been trying to adopt for a while now. We got close to adopting about a month ago but the parents backed out at the last minute. We would love to be considered for your baby. We have been married for 5 years and are very stable and happy. We are open to an open adoption. We live in Ohio. Please email me at samanthaelrod1 at yahoo dot com. Thanks for your consideration.


Sl - October 22

Would the birthfather want custody ? Sorry, I am not trying to meddle..just thought I would ask prior to sharing info..


clstuart - October 23

Hi Jenna, Like most of the couples on here looking to adopt, we would love to talk to you about your baby. We are in the St. Louis area and have been trying to have a baby thru medicine and procedures for the last 5 1/2 years. I feel like the description that you have for your ideal parents are us as a couple. I would love to describe more about us in detail over the phone or email. Please contact us so we can chat. lesleystuart at att dot com or six-one-eitht-six-one-zero-two-one-two-three. God Bless you and your bundle of joy! Lesley and Chad


Sl - October 24

We are also looking for a sibling for our son. We would love to hear from you at joelstac at yahoo dot com


redneckwoman - October 27

me an my fiancee is looking to adopt a baby! we r a young cool loving caring couple! im 24 an my fiancee is 25! we r looking to privately adopt in Ohio no agencies or courts! no international those r all scams weve tried that!...we are ready to start a family! we dont have to carry a child to b able to love him/her an care for the baby...if u want ur baby to have a safe loving caring home please contact me candy_apple_lips19 at yahoo dot com


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