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ArdentWanderer - August 4

Hello ladies! I've read through the entire first page of this forum, and have seen endless posts from wonderful women wanting children, however, I noticed a lack of posts from amazing women making the choice to put their children up for adoption. I'm due March 27th, and am considering putting my little bundle up for adoption. Has anyone here actually put their child up or currently putting their child up for adoption? Can anyone give me some advice? Also, I read a few things in some posts that were a bit offending, though I don't think they were intended to be so. One post referred to adopted children as "abandoned" and another as "unwanted". I realize that this is a generalization, however, it makes me feel ashamed for considering this option for my child. Just thought I would point that out. Apologies if this seems rude.


lunamoo - August 10

Hello there, this forum as you can see is so rarely do not fret if you do not get the answers you want. I would go directly to some adoption forums where you can talk to moms in your situation or who have already been there. Good luck with whatever you decide!!!


jilo77 - August 20

As an adoptive mother, I can tell you I am eternally grateful to my son's birthmother for the courageous choice she made to birth my son and make an adoption plan for him. I know that she only had his best interest at heart and it was done completely out of love. Alot of people are out of touch with correct adoption language. This is a shame because the children will think they were less loved which is quite the opposite. They were more loved. There is a wonderful website "bethanydotorg" that has a birthparents forum. I can't imagine how hard this decision must be for you but please know that there are plenty of us adoptive parents that really "get it". Best of luck to you.


rspears01 - November 17

It sounds like you've had a really rough time of things. Adoption is a really beautiful choice and you're a wonderful person for giving your child life. That alone is a great testament to the love you have for him/her. I'm 30 and my husband is 28. I think an open adoption is a really great option. My husband and I lost a daughter in our seventh month after many, many years of trying to years of conceive. We have also been told we can no longer have children so we're looking to adopt. We would actually prefer an open adoption because as the child gets older you can make sure they understand that their first mom loved them so much that she gave them a better life - that even though her heart ached for him/her she put her own interests aside and did what was best for him/her. I believe it's important that the child knows that. It's also great if the first mom can be part of the family. If other siblings can be involved I think it's ideal as well...we hope to simply join with another family and have a large network of family for our child to grow up in...feeling loved by so many. If you would like ot know more about us, please get in touch with us rspears01 at g mail dt com Jill


klw3287 - January 30

Hi- We also believe that adoption is the most unselfish & courageous decision that a woman can make! We have an adopted little boy who is 18 months old & we are hoping to adopt another baby so that he can have a sibling & we can bring more love & joy into our home. Our son's birthmom turned a bad situation into something wonderful by giving us the gift of life & chance to be parents. We could never repay her or express our grat_tude enough! She changed our lives! We can not have biological children & so we are now trying to adopt another baby & meet another wonderful birthmom! We are hoping to have a private open adoption through a reputable attorney & would love to have an ongoing open relationship with a birth mom/birth family. In a private adoption, the birth mom gets to make the decisions & can get to know the adoptive couple & be as involved as she chooses instead of an agency making the decisions. Thank you so much for your time! Sincerely, Kenya & David k l w 3 2 8 7 at aol dot com or look at our blog just google: sotoadoptionjourney


Unfortunately, due to the fact that many people have been using this forum to essentially try to "buy" or "sell" babies we have decided not to permit any more posts to this area of the site

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