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jenna32 - October 4

i'm 33 weeks prg,just left my bf and i don't think i am going to be able to afford this baby on my own. I have no idea where to start or where to go to get adoption papers. Would my local hospital have info or what ? i don't want to wait all the way until i have the baby to get papers etc.


yadi1 - October 8

are you going to give up your baby because you left you boyfriend


Molly3232 - October 18

I am sure that in your area they have many adoption agencies that you help you out. You could even start as basic as looking in the yellow pages. There are so many couples who could give your child a loving home if this is the decision you plan to make. My husband and I have been waiting for almost a year to adopt a baby. I wish you and your baby all the luck in the world!!


julie2007 - October 18

hi jenna - i am sorry you are going thru a tough time especially while you are pregnant. if you have indeed decided on adoption for your child you have several options. have you talked to a counselor or a clergy person to help with this decision? you didn't say what area you are in - but i live in california and here you can do anything from working with the department of social services (it's free and they can help you with housing and food costs while you are pregnant)where they will do the whole thing - they will pick the parents for your baby or you can find a private adoption, where you pick the parents based on email / talking to them etc, most private agencies have long lists of people wanting to adopt. you can also choose if you want an open adoption where you can stay in contact with the parents / baby (via letters / phone calls or visits) whatever is comfortable with you. a closed adoption is just that - the records are closed and you have no contact with the family. ** my husband and i are looking into private adoption as we have just had our 2nd miscarriage this year (one in march and one in september), and we desperately want another baby. if i can help in anyway - i'd be happy to - i myself am adopted and grateful to my birthmom for giving me a great life with a wonderful family. if you want you can email me at newmercedes at gmail dot com and i can share my experience with you.


rspears01 - November 17

You must be really confused right now. If you are sure you want to choose adoption, I advise an open adoption where you can have contact with your child as he/she is growing up. My husband and I are wanting to adopt. We tried for years to conceive and finally did only to lose our daughter in the sevent month of pregnancy. We are no longer able to get pregnant. Please contact me rspears01 at gmail dot com. or on Y! mess ms42721. I have a lot to offer your child. And I'd like to help you as well. Blessings, Jill


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