18 Years Of Age And Want A Baby

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mandy - November 3

I am 18 years of age and trying to get pragnant is there anything wrong with that?


kim - November 4

I'm 19 years old and I am going to have a baby in December, and let me tell you it's not easy, I was 18 when I got married and shortly after I was pregnant, I work full time, me and my husband are having such a hard time, this is the most physically, emotionally and spiritually draining experience you will ever go through, don't get me wrong when you feel them move inside of you and when yous see them in an ultra sound or hear their tink hearts beat it's all worth it. make sure that this is something you really want though, make sure that you are with some one that you are willing to committ the rest of your life with, because you could grow to resent the baby if you go through this alone, and there is just so much neg. things that go on in this world that you want to give your child every advantage that you can, you want to make sure that they have the oppertunity to grow up with both parents with tuns of love, if you would like to talk to me further feel free to email me at kim_tamayo@yahoo.com Good luck and best of wishes! :)


Gennie - November 12

Go to college and have fun!!! You will be a much better mother if you get a basic education and experience life a little before you have a baby. There is nothing wrong with wanting one, of course. Seriously, college const_tutes some of the best years of your life! Along with finding a subject that you are very interested in, you may even meet the guy of your dreams. Then, when you get out, you can find work you enjoy, and provide a good life for you and baby. I am a former teacher, and believe me, kids are exhausting. Much easier to go to college first, then have babies. I have never met anyone who regrets college- and there is plenty of funding out there if that is an issue. My husband still has student loans, but they cost the same as cable tv to pay off every month. No biggie. Hope this helps.


Genny - November 12

I thought of something else. I had friends in school who wanted babies at a young age. Many of them worked as babysitters while college. I know it is certainly not the same, but at least you would be taking care of children, learning about their needs, and making money at the same time. Plus, their mothers would feel more at ease if they knew that their babysitter truely loved children. It may help satisfy a part of your longing for a child until you are ready. Good luck.


mandy - November 12

Thank you all for your advise! I am getting married June 25,2006!!We are going to wait to have a baby until we are married. mandy


unknown - November 16

no i think that that is ok and good luck to u


unknown - November 16

look girl, live your life please before u do all of dis, avin a baby is a big step n its for LIFE! n if ur gonna ignore da live ur life tingy then hueva da father of da baby is make sure he stands by u n u av money to bring it up. Good luck


mandy - November 16

Everyone look!I have lived my life! When I was 11 years old I raised my brother while my mother was working two jobs.I had too grow up faster than what I was spose to! I am ready to get married cuz my fiance' and I are deppley in love.We are soul mates! My family is very happy for me.


unknown - November 16

There's nothing wrong with getting pregnant at 18, but I think you would do yourself a HUGE favor by waiting a little while. Enjoy married life. Save up some money so you can provide for you little one to be. I know you've heard it a hundred times, but a baby really does change your life in ways you never thought possible. They are a blessing, and they are hard work. In my opinion, if you have to ask strangers if there is anything wrong with getting pregnant now, then maybe you already know the answer and are trying to find some justification. Best of luck in your decision


mandy - November 17

Maybe you are right.See I miscarried when I was 15 years old and I was three months along.It was the worse thing I ever went threw even though I was a teen.I guess now I feel that since I am older and of age that I am ready to have a child.Yes maybe I should wait but my emotions are so hard to resist.:(


Kavita from India - December 25

hi, read the responses and feel that there's no harm if you wanna havea baby at this age.... but being married for a year now (no kids) I would suggest you should first understand what you actually want to achieve in life, rather than having a baby at such an early age. At least wait for 2-3 years and have the resources to bring up a child... so that you do not regret later in life. I wish you all the best.


Abby - January 4

No, but there is a lot out there that you will miss if you have a baby now.


247 - January 8



KM - January 9

hi Mandy. there is nothing wrong with having a motherly instinct. and you will definitely love your baby more than anything .But, I am 18 and just had a son 7 wks ago. It is VERY difficult. more than I ever thought it would be.it consumes your whole life. It is amazing and I love being a mother dont get me wrong. I wake up every day just to see him smile, but you should really take the time to enjoy your fiance, go out with your friends, finish your education and all that first. I don't have friends anymore. I don't party. I am lucky if i can go out to a movie or hockey game with my bf once a week.I have full support of my babys daddy and we are very much in love, he works a good job, I am still in school.But still it is hard even with all of these things behind us.You have plenty of time for a baby.


SARA - January 14

hmmmm it might not be wrong but you gotta think are you ready??? Im 17 and thinking about it but see im just gonna be getting a job and my mother wouldnt aproove of it and theres still my school but your probably graduated and stuff bynow and a bit older and if you suceeded in getting what u want congrads but if not i wish you luck in the future but just think you still got a couple years a head of you before you should be worying about that


I love my baby - January 14

mandy being misscarried can be difficult even at a young age it almost feels like you failed well at least its how i felt .. but you know just think about how much you'll love your next child and hopefully you have great success good luclk mandy and i still love my baby even though shes never made it


Natalie - January 17

I have a question: I am 20 yrs old and i have a good job and my own house with a really good car. I live together with my boyfriend and we are living very comfortably. The problem is that he is 26 and i know that he is going to want a kid soon and i want to as well but the problem is that i think that people would see it as a dissapointment and i dont think that i could be bare with that. Do you think that its a dissapointment at the age of 20?



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