18 Years Of Age And Want A Baby

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Natalie - January 17

I have a question: I am 20 yrs old and i have a good job and my own house with a really good car. I live together with my boyfriend and we are living very comfortably. The problem is that he is 26 and i know that he is going to want a kid soon and i want to as well but the problem is that i think that people would see it as a dissapointment and i dont think that i could be bare with that. Do you think that its a dissapointment at the age of 20?


AmThorn - January 25

Mandy, Your response from Nov. 17 at 20:37 is what I'm replying to...I don't think that there is anything "wrong" w/ trying to get pregnant at 18, but it makes me sad. When I was younger I always loved babies - they are so sweet and wonderful, you are right! However, living your life to the fullest and learning as much as possible AND be exposed to as many things as possible will be so wonderful for you and your baby in the future. Do you have an interest in really, truely, honestly, deeply getting to know your husband? You can be SURE that you love him now, but that love grows and grows every year, and by the time you've been married several years you realize that you love him so much more now than you did then that you're not even sure how you thought it was LOVE in the beginning. You should use this time in your life to become a grounded, mature, wonderful woman. Let your husband grow into a wonderful, responsible man. ...THEN consider having kids. You can volunteer in the nursery or as a teacher at your church, do some babysitting for friends, get an education, get exposure to the world, travel, read, learn, listen, work, study...EXPERIENCE LIFE. Then, let all of this help you become a wonderful mom. I think the fact that you're asking is a good clue that you're going to stick it out for a while. Best wishes to you in your adventures.


Malerie - February 2

No if your stable enough to do it...I MEAN MONEY WISE AND THERE IS ANOTHER PERSON TO HELP...i am 17 and i am having a baby in july and have no babysdaddy and it is not very fun..but i wish the best of luck to you...


megz - February 4

I think if you want a baby go for it! All people are different no one was made the same as another. While one person might find it difficult to take care of their child and wish they had waited another will be happy with there choice and have no problems raising their child. Go for it girl! If you know deep down that that's what you've always wanted then by all means go for it! But just remember that once you do you can't take it back it's a part of your life forever.


Valerie - February 17

I am 20 and I would also like to have a child of my own I guess for me to answer you question it would depend on you intensions your motive as to why


jen - February 27

how much dose it cost to have a babby from 0 to 18 years old?


Stephanie - March 5

Hi i am 18 years old and i am 15 weeks pregnant. I really do not see that you are wantting anything wrong. If you feel that you are ready for a baby that is not for anyone else to say that you are wrong for that. I want my baby and there are alot of people that think i am wrong for it but that is not my problem at all. you can email me anytime for any reason. [email protected]


Audrey - March 16

I dont think so Mandy. But you have to make sure that you are financially and emotionally stable enough to have a baby. It wouldnt be fair to the child if you got pregnant and then had to be on welfare to pay for him.Babies are very expensive. Your baby should have everything his little heart desires.


b - March 17

a lot of people think they are "mature" enough in their teens and even early 20's to have children...but that's not the only thing that comes into play... are you loaded (financially)? have a good education (if any)? have a steady relationship that you can count on? - if you are just feeling "motherly" - consider your current circ_mstances before bringing another human being into this world that may suffer from your actions / inactions - it's not just about how "deeply in love" you are with your fiance.. it's also about how much of your life you have lived, how much you've seen, and how much of your life, time, money, energy, etc... you are willing to share... I thought about this BRIEFLY when I was 19, and then I gave my head a shake, finished university, started my career, and got my life together, before I gave kids another thought... good luck.


kady - March 19

I think that something wrong with that because and older for you to get pregnant you have to get ready don't just jump in cause some people doing wait until you ready cause having a baby is a not a small affair . [email protected]


Shannon - March 23

I am 24 and I just had my first child. I am working full time and attending College full time. It is not easy. You need to grow up and mature a little bit before you have a baby. You need to ask yourself why you want a baby right now? You should start out slow get yourself a dog and care for it 24-7, never going out constantly staying home and taking care of that dog. Try looking after someone else's child for a week or two. It is not going to be easy. Young mothers who want the baby at the young age are usually the ones who leave their baby in the care of someone else all the time or leave it by themselves so they can go party. You need to really really think about what you are asking yourself for and what you are going to be putting that baby through. You need to wait a few years before getting pregnant, your baby is going to need a father and a mother, and it is going to need financial support from both. If you don't go to College you can't support your child properly. if you are simply looking for a guy to get you pregnant then you need to definetly wait until you are married or at least with the same guy for a few years. Having a baby is a difficult time in anyone's lives espically if you are young.


Victoria - March 23

Honey, its not wrong if your tring to have a baby but it wrong i fyour tring to have one by sleeping a around so have a baby with someone you love or go to a doctor. good lucky


Victoria - March 23

Honey, its ok if you want to get pregnant but to get pregnant by sleeping around so have a baby w/ someone you love ok, good luck.


maya - March 28

i want a baby at 17 but i would be starting college so i thought i wait until im 20 to try. so at 21 i would have gratuated college and have a baby. i want to get preganant in july to have an april baby. what do yall think


Stephanie - March 28

Hi Mandy just wonderin whats the hurry?? Why not take your time. I mean Im talkin to you from personal experience and when you are 21 you will have new experiences! You have'nt done it all yet...... you know?? Envision this. Getting married next year....enjoy your marriage.....for about 2-3 years plan & have baby 1 baby 2 baby 3 :o)


holly - March 31

hi hunn, i feel exactly the same. I just cant get it off my mind! Everywhere i go i see mothers with new born babies. The thought of waking up every night doesnt even put me off. First off i suggest you read up on pregnancy and labour and really think about your income. Can your partner support you and a new born???? Could you cope with sleepless nights for years? I know i should wait but i cant, so i know how you feel! I hope you make the right descision, I say go for it! GOOD LUCK!



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