18 Years Of Age And Want A Baby

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Tykeisha - May 10

yes there something wrong with that because you is to young for that


laura walton - May 10

got a baby


Aimie - May 20

a baby is a big responsabilaty, just make sure u have a bloke that stands by u the whole way threw ur babys life and ur life.a baby needs its mum n dad! make sure ur life is planned and u have enough money love and security. remember a baby is 4 life not 4 christmas. have fun. and good luck x x xx


Ashley - May 22

no because i am 17 years of age and have one baby and one on the way


friend - May 26

I am 18 years old and I am marred to a great man in the army. He is 19 years old. We want a baby now. I can’t say that I am not ready because I am. I there are many people telling me that it is to soon. But I know I am ready and so is he. I just want to know is there anything I can to make this easy.


Katyc - May 26

Hi, I am 17 now and will be 18 in the beginning of next year, my partner and i are currently planning towards starting a family next year sometime after my 18th- that will ensure us enough time to be financially stable to provide the correct enviroment for our baby and also gives us more time to make sure we are 100% sure that this is what we want as we both have strong feelings for starting a family young although you must appreciate that over time you can grow, mature and feelings change. You have to make sure it is what you want and that you will stick by that choice for the rest of your life. It is a major step to take. Also if you have close relationships with family members i would tell them this is what your planning, pregnancys are supoosed to be happy times for mothers to be or it can have bad affects on the baby, so allow your family time if you think they might not have the same ideas for you. Also, the reason so many teenage mothers are looked down upon are because many young girls use this as an excuse for housing and benefits? make sure you are ready in everyway to have a baby before getting pregnant.


tykeisha - May 27

yes because you should go to collage


Steph - June 4

theres nothing wrong with what you want Mandy if you really want it then go for it. i also have the same feelings and still do because i really would love to have a baby right now even though i am only 17, but its one thing i cannot do because my family would just reject me and i would not have any support from them. you probabaly feel alot stronger about this because you had a miscarriage which is not a nice thing and just remeber that it was not your fault and try not to beat yourself up about it. i lost my son when he was 6 weeks old and i went into labour at 23 weeks (14yrs old) its a hard thing to get over (well you never do get over it) espically when u have no supporti think that is why i feel that it does not matter what age you are when you have a baby all you need to be able to is to be a good mum, be loving and caring and that is all a child needs money is a great help if you've got it but if you haven't it does not mean there not gonna have a good life theres some children that have got all the money and material things in the world but they grow up and in the end it does not always help them, the most important thing is that your child is loved is clean and fed and well looked after if you can do all them things then that is all that matters so go for it Mandy and lets hope you have many happy and exciting years to come we all deserve a bit of happiness in our life stuff the people who look down on you at the end of the day there just jealous coz they havent got it or there just narrow minded people good luck


katyc - June 9

there is nothing wrong providing you can offer your baby everything it needs (aside from materialistic things)


Sarah - June 13

I got pregnant at 18 i see no problem give me an email at [email protected]


Olivia - June 13

I'm 20 and due in November. It has been really hard. I was a made good grades in college until the last few months of last semester because i had to miss so many days due to being extremely ill and on top of that I can't work until I get the okay to do so. It is a big step. Even if you think you are in a good relationship, trust me things happen. I found that out recently and now I'm in this on my own. I would wait until you have more experiences and know a baby is what you want. I didn't purposly get pregnant but at the same time, even doing it alone I know I will be a great mom.


Sarah - August 1

ok. First of all, I am 17 years old and also want a baby. Don't worry, I'm waiting till after college and all that. The thing is. One of my brothers, his gf is 19 years old. He met her when she was 9 months pregnant. She is doing absolutely fine. Her baby is 2 months old now. I don't know why you would all make it sound sooo bad to have a baby young. I see that you want to let others know to wait (which isn't a bad idea) but you all don't have to say it's such a bad decision. I have taken a parenting cla__s at school, I have taken care of my nephews and all that. I know that I am ready to have a baby. Not financially but I know that I would be absolutely fine if I had a baby now. I wouldn't care if I wouldn't be able to go out much because my baby would be my life!


Joyce - August 1

if u want to have a baby have it urself...okay?...so mind ur own business


to Sarah - August 2

Sarah it is hard. You wouldnt know because you dont take care of a baby 24/7. You just babysit which isnt the same.


... - August 2

Live ur life, meaning go out and have some fun. Once the baby comes you wont be able and trust me you will feel depressed because while all ur little friends are having fun you will have to stay home and take care of ur baby. Nothing wrong with that but u know


dominque - August 9

I dont think theres sumtin wrong wit wanting a baby but im 17 and 19 weeks and i know it will be hard! but it feels good to know ill have sum1 calling me moma



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