18 Years Of Age And Want A Baby

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dominque - August 9

I dont think theres sumtin wrong wit wanting a baby but im 17 and 19 weeks and i know it will be hard! but it feels good to know ill have sum1 calling me moma


Diane - August 16

I'm answering you all I guess. I had my daughter when I was 19. Her biological father is a deadbeat and hasn't seen her since she was a year old (She's 3 now). Everyone has different circ_mstances but it's extremely hard. I was lucky enough to have my parents helping me out so I could at least get my a__sociate's degree. I still haven't been able to go back for my BA. It's a constant struggle to get my bills paid, clothes for my daughter, and all other necessities. I love my daughter and wouldn't undo anything. Couldn't imagine life without her! I just wish she could grow up with more luxeries and with her mommy not so tired and stressed all the time. I've met myself a new man now and he's been her "daddy" for the past two years (as long as she can remember). He's a good man and he tries a lot but its a struggle. We are expecting our son in November. Life doesn't always happen as you expect it. My daughter was not accident (I don't like that term) but she definitely wasn't planned. IT'S HARD! I didn't get to go to college parties or summer jams and I do remember crying and being stressed. Life happens once. Enjoy the high school/college years while they're here and then start your family. Good luck!


wait - August 17

i just had my first child at 31 and being a mom is the best thing ever. however i thought i was ready at 22 to have a baby and i am so glad that didn't happen. i didn't marry the guy i was with back then, we split and i met someone else a few years later. he is the most wonderful man. we lived life. we both went to college. we partied in college and after college. life was grand. now that i'm a mom and i got to do all that, i don't care if we aren't able to go out. my husband and i have only been on two dates since our daughter was born almost 4 months ago. i love being at home with my daughter. i work Mon-Wed and on thurs and fri my daughter and i are at home together. i get all the cleaning and stuff done while she naps so we can spend time on the weekends as a family when my husband is home. hell i say don't get married either. if it is meant to be, you can get married later. enjoy life, enjoy being single. it doesn't sound like you had much of a childhood since you were raising your brother. now is your time enjoy it without having to worry about raising a child. everyone keeps saying it is hard but i don't think so. not if you are ready. heck everyone told me that the first year of marriage is the hardest and if that is the case then the rest of my life should be a piece of cake because the first year of marriage was a lot of fun. i'm very lucky!!!!


Donnica - August 19

Hun, I am 18, marrried and on clomid to have a baby. Different people are ready at different times. No one can tell you if it's right or not. If you and your husband can afford a baby and BOTH of yall want one. GO FOR IT! Best of luck.!


chocolate - August 25

Sweetie, babies are very expensive go to school get married then think about a baby


Emily - October 6

Personally, if you have a partner, and he is ok with what you guys are trying to do, I do not believe there is anything wrong with wanting to have a baby. I currently find myself in the same predicament, with different circ_mstances. I feel as though the only thing I really want to do in life is have children, and be a stay at home mom. I have it all planned out: I will have one child, b___stfeed him or her for 2 years, then try for another when the first is weaned and potty trained. I honestly feel as though my only purpose in life is to be a mother, and I would like to get started soon, as I have a medical problem, and may not be able to have kids in 5 or 10 years. I know I might not be perfectly financially stable, but wasting 4 years of my life in university is only going to put me in debt more, and potentially waste my fertile years. I would really love to have a baby now while I can still have my own children, and if me and my boyfriend did happen to have an *accident*, I would not be worried in the least bit. Anyone, feel free to email me at wonderlandturnsmeon@hotmail.com It would be nice to know some thoughs and/or talk to someone who understands where I'm comming from.


get a grip - October 10

WRONG FORUM! you are obviously mentally unstable and hoping a child will bring meaning to your life. stop being so god d__ned selfish, pull yourself together and wait till you arer mature and RESPONSIBLE enough to handle a baby. OK you raised your brother, but a baby, a newborn, needs so much more. There's nothing wrong with wanting a baby, but you want one for all the wrong reasons.


vaxi - October 20

i want to select my babby name


sabrina - October 28

i know what your going though i'm 19, living with my fiance, and thinking about having a baby. It very scary and we have talked about it for a good while now. all i can say is make sure its what you what because there is noe turning back, (life changing)!!!!!!!


kim - November 27

I was 15 years old the first time i got pregnet. I didnt think i could handle having a child a 15 so i got and abortion. I am now 16 and think i might be pregnet again with my current boyfriend. Ever since i had the abortion i cant stop thinking about what the baby would' ve looked like or if it was a boy or girl, ect. I' ve decided to keep this child if i am. Alot of people will tell you that its not right to have one at your age. but if you really think your ready and are stable enough to raise a kid i dont see a problem with it.


for mandy - November 30

it's precisely because you had to grow up fast that you should consider waiting before you have a baby. a baby will only make you grow up even faster, and there's something very precious and wonderful about spending some time building up yourself and your future husband without having to worry about all the added pressure of haivng a baby. There's nothing wrong with it, per se, because no one can tell you what's wrong or not for you except for you. There are good and bad things about any age - for instance, you may have more energy when you're young, and more money when you're older, etc. But the fact that you are asking for other people's opinions about whether or not your decision is wrong tells me that you may not be entirely sure of it yourself. So I would say, relax a little, enjoy yourself, learn about yourself whether it be through working or traveling or college or just spending time by yourself. And learn about your husband and nurture that relationship. And then, when it feels right and you don't feel like it may be wrong, welcome a child into your life with all the love and joy that you obviously have to give.


Gail - December 2

I don't reccomend it. I did it. Wow, I didn't think it'd be so hard! It takes every min. of your time and every bit of your energy. I don't get to do stuff with my friends like I used to. My friends are leaving for college, and I'm going to be here. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my daughter. She is great! I just wish I would have waited 'till I had finished school. I misses most of my senior year, and will have to finish in night school. I don' know how I will do college. I'm going to have to get a job soon to help pay expenses. I'm lucky that my parents have been so supportive. I am going to try to go to community college next fall. I will have to take longer to get enough credits. If you have a choice, don't choose this. Wait 'till you can get a better job after college.


Petty im scared!!! - December 11

Im 17 yrs old...i want a baby..i love babys..everytime i go somewhere ...and i see a baby i get so excited..even though i dont know them...well my boyfriend and i are having a hard time on deciding wether we should or sholdnt have a baby ....he already haves a full time job he definetly wants one and as for me im a junior in high school...not knowing whats the right decision...i know im going to have rough times...my parents are going to kick me out...they wont want to know anything about me.....well my parents are extremely strict..my brother use to them control freaks!!! but my boyfriends parents support us in anyway...BUT I STILL CANT MAKE UP MY MIND!!!:( PLEASE HELP ME email me at crazygurlpetty@hotmail.com THANK U..!


lilbroma - February 8

no i am 16 and want to get pregnant now if u want to get pregnant try this, try having s_x on the day of ovulation. have a pillow underneath ur b___t for 20-30minutes. do not pee for 20-30mins and alot of people even grown ups do it and they get preggo. within 5months


Oh Boy! - February 9

Even gorwn ups do it (See reply above!!!) The fact that you said that just goes to prove that you getting pg is not a good idea. Enjoy your life hun - your only get one and you should be learning all you can to pa__s onto your baby in the FUTURE!


hello there - March 7

If your relationship is good and you feel ready go for it! I had my baby young and have made a wonderful life for my child, partner and I. I do not regret it for a second. If you are a strong person with a supportive family as you describe whatever life throws at you and your family you should come through it with a great life for your child and you.



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