6 Months Pregnant And About To Start A New Job

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Nikki - October 18

I just got hired at a new company at 6 months pregnant. Although I find it hard to believe that even a total idiot could see that I am pregnant, I suppose that if they didn't notice or were unsure, they might have just thought I could be a little chubby or something even though I'm carrying ALL BELLY and haven't gained anything but a basketball shaped stomach. I wore black maternity dress pants and a 3/4 sleeve black pinstripe button down top that was a size too large so that it didn't look awkward but reduced the visibility of my little boy under there. Anyway, I decided that if they ask, I will and would have @ my interview been 100% honest, but they didn't ask. Can I be fired once they realize (and it will happen very soon) that I am 6 months pregnant and did not tell them? I know I won't be there long enough to have paid maternity leave. My boyfriend and I are fine financially while I am off for 6-8wks. without any pay and I would like to return if they will allow it, but I don't mind finding another job if i have to after I am ready to return to work. I'm not asking for any special benefits or treatment from the company and I work in a call center so I'm not being physically put into any danger or phys. labor. What's everyone elses take?


Kelly K - October 18

They can not terminate you for being pregnant, but they can terminate you since you will not be eligible for FMLA or any of their maternity leave programs. You have to be at a company for at least a year before you have job protection. I would be up front with your new manager as soon as possible. He/she may be willing to work something out.


liza - October 19

And Niki, they might know you are pregnant, but not care, because they thought you were the perfect person for the job! Whether or not you have been there a year, it is against the law for anyone to fire you because you are pregnant. Look up the federal laws on the internet. It would have been illegal for them to ask if you were pregnant in the interview. Go to your boss, and let him/her know your due date, when you expect to leave, and when you expect to return. Just do a great job up until you leave! Good luck


Erin - October 25

Nikki, I would definitely tell if for no other reason then getting it out the way why you will be taking off for appointments and such which will definitely be more frequent the closer you get to your due date. I am in a similar situtation although I hold a position in management. When I interviewed for the position, I didn't know I was pregnant so I couldn't say anything but the process to extend me an offer was pretty lengthy and during that time not only did I confirm pregnancy but started showing as well (early) b/c I am carrying twins. The day I started there was no hiding it so I was very up front w/ my boss about it and the dynamic that is the fact that I am carrying twins and what that could potentially mean. So far they have been great. At the end of the day, they appreciated my honesty and my being pregnant doesn't diminish my skill-set and their reason for wanting me in the first place. I think it will serve you better to say something now b/c perhaps they don't actually know. If you wait too late, they may feel deceived b/c while yes, they did want you, they don't want to feel like you were hired under false pretenses. And since you work in a support environment, they may have some concerns regarding your possible lack of availability when you have appointments and doctor visits.


Nozuko - December 12

I have gone to 10 interviews in one month and my boy was very obvious they did not hire me. Congratulations girl I wish I were you I am bored with my present employer. According to the LRA they can NEVER fire you because you are pregnant. And it is not your part to disclose when they don't ask. You can sue them because it is descrimination. Enjoy and good luck with your boy


Josi - February 17

I just got hired at a new job and it is my 5th day in training. When I had my 1st interview, the woman asked if I had any kids and I told her not yet, but I had one on the way. She pa__sed my resume off to a hire position (probably thinking that I wouldn't get the job) but she didnt tell them that I was pregnant. I didnt get the job (obviously) and I just told my boss 2 days ago that I am expecting. Just so they wouldnt think I was tryin to hide it. I did say that I mentioned it to the 1st interviewer and i was not aware if she had told my boss or not. My boss was coo with it (from my perspective) but later that day the 1st interviewer approached me with a total att_tude saying that she wish I didnt say anything about her knowing about my pregnancy because I dont work for HER. I still dont see the big issue, but as she said.... I dont work for HER which is good. I think you should tell your boss since you are already hired. they can't fire you or you can sue and have more money than while you were working before you had your baby. i told my boss that I didn't want my working ability to be looked at from a distance because of my pregnancy and i plan on leaving when my water breaks and coming back when the doctor approves. : )


Josi - February 27

There were some typos in my posting. i meant that they pa__sed my resume to a HIGHER position and that I DID get the job (obviously).


im_danielle_hi - March 21

girls im having a problem here my bf and i are either pregnant or going to be soon but i wud like a job for the extra money wud an employer take you on if you were going to give birth or wud all employers rather not have you as an employee becuase you are pregnant im just worried that i wont be able to get a job help!!! plz


bloodlust - March 30

danielle, I am 21 weeks and just today got hired at a job. I'm not sure if they thought I was chubby, pregnant or just didn't care. If you turn out to be not pregnant yet, I would establish a job first.


shaylan.rae - April 4

i was hired at almost 8 months, so yep, its possible. although none of them knew (???) i was pregnant. i dont know how they didnt know... i thought it was obvious. they must have thought i was way chunky.


mommieof3 - April 18

I don't think that it is your responsibility to let your employer know unless being pregnant is going to affect your work performance.


3ofthem - June 10

It is very illegal in an interview for them to ask that question. If you were showing then they probally suspected you were congrats on getting the job. Even if you are expecting it is none of there business in an interview to be told. The law states that they cannot ask you if you are pregnant, and they cannot ask you if you plan on having kids.



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