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mischelly30 - June 27

Hey! I am due 9/30 and am looking for daycare so that I can return to work. I am a single mom and have no choice but to return to work as soon as my doctor gives the ok. I live in Southern CA and am having trouble finding childcare...either the facilities a) don't take infants; or b) don't take infants parttime. My job is only parttime and I cannot go fulltime (no openings). Anyhow. I found two options...which one sounds best to you? Option 1. A childcare center 20 min. from my job is willing to take my infant in mid-November on a parttime basis. It'd be three days a week, cost of $176/week. The facility appears ok, but they have 1 staff member for 4 infants (!) Option 2. A retired woman who lives 10 min. from my job is willing to babysit. I do not know her too well, but she seems very eager (her husband recently passed away, and I think that she's looking to get active). Pay has not been arranged, but I do not think she'd charge much. I am inclined to go with option 2 due to the 1:4 ratio at the childcare center (and the cost), but first would want to have her meet the baby before she watches him or her so that I get a feel for how good she'd be. BUT, if I want to go with option 1, I need to sign up *soon* as they only have one spot open, and it'll fill up quickly. Any advice? Which option sounds better? I've looked all over, and it looks like these are my two choices. I am also on a waiting list at another facility that a lot of people at my employer use, but of course waiting list doesn't mean I'll get in.


JH - June 28

I think the question you have to ask yourself is what experience do you want for your child. Will your child be simply babysat or will the baby's emotional, mental and physical needs be met? I went with a daycare where child care providers teach sign language and do lesson plans for each child on top of just keeping him safe.


Been There - June 28

The 1:4 ratio is not bad at all. Remember, babies sleep alot and there are plenty of people around to help in a daycare center. I do, however agree with the cost being high. But consider a few things in your pro vs con. In a private home, you cannot dictate who enters the home. Daycare centers usually have a security system and they know who is coming and going. You can drop into a daycare center at any time. Will you be able to do so with this private person? Also, ask about vacations and holidays? What if your "at home" provider gets sick? Would you want to or still send the baby to her house? At a center, they have enough people to cover a person who is sick. Also, ask some of your co-workers about their arrangements. You can always hold the spot and continue to look for other options. Something may come up. I wish I could be of more help.


mischelly30 - June 28

Thank you for your advice--these are definitely things I hadn't considered. I ended up finding a third option, another daycare center that is closer to my job (10 min.), looked a lot cleaner, had separated the infants from the toddlers (in the first facility, they were all lumped together in the same room), was recently renovated with nice carpets, etc. and was cheaper ($123 a week for three days of care). I did ask about dropping in and was told I could drop in whenever and plan on going in on my break to b___st feed. The one thing that was not too great is that they still charge you for care even if you don't have the child in that day (e.g., when I'm on vacation or home sick with the baby), which is a bummer. I hope it works out, but at least I know that I can keep my job. Thanks for the advice.



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