Am I Eligible For A Job When I M 18 Weeks Pregnant

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Janet - June 22

I'm a unemployed teacher & 18 weeks pregnant & have a teaching job interview. I'm wondering if I stand a chance to get the job since I will be 28 weeks when the school re-opens for the academic year.


Tough - June 23

That's a toughy. I don't have any experience in that department, since I'm just pregnant with my first and already am employed. But, I do know that they will appreciate your honesty. Go to the interview, and wait until you know if they want you enough and then tell them about your pregnancy and that at a certain time in the year, you'll NEED maternity leave. As long as you bring it up before they hire you (a__suming they do!) they'll have plenty of time to be prepared and find a subst_tute for your absence. There should be an equal opportunity for you to get that job just like any other woman that is not pregnant. Best of luck! Hope it goes well! Let us know!


Jamie - June 24

I wouldn't tell them until they offer you the job. While it's not legal for them to not hire you based solely on your pregnancy, chances are, they won't.


hmmm - June 25

i was in the same position. i had recently quit my job as a loan processer right before i found out i was pregnant. what i did was i tried to think of a job, not career related, that i would enjoy doing while i was pregnant. i wanted to be somewhere with a positive atmosphere and where i wouldn't feel stressed. so i worked at a health food shop and it was great. kept me healthy and energized through the 8 mos i was there. i didn't tell them i was pregnant and didn't necessarily feel bad about it because it is a dead end job and the turn over is about 1 year anyway. the owners were happy for me and didn't mine the fact that i didn't tell them. they understood. this was an option for me because i didn't need a strong income from my side... my husband was able to take care of the majority of the bills. anyway i'm rambling... good luck you may want to think about a temp agency as well.


Mindy - July 27

I am currently 18 weeks pregnant and have recently accepted a new teaching position. I did not tell them at my interviews that I was pregnant however I also did not try to hide it. I debated back and forth how and when to tell my new employer of my pregnancy and decided to tell her after I signed my contract. I suggested that she knew and that I just wanted to confirm with her that I would be taking six weeks in December. You are still a person and pregnancy is not a bad thing. Once you tell them, if you do get a job, make sure you are positive about it and then they will be too. Good luck!


JenM - August 4

I am an HR Consultant Jent and this topic has actually come up in some of my seminars. You are definitely eligible for a position. My recommendation would be not to say anything until they offer you the position, say "Yes I accept and I also wanted to make you aware I am pregnanct." This way you are letting them know before you start....but you will also know they hired you for you not letting your pregnancy get in the way of their decision.


Kris10 - August 7

I was hired at my job when I was 25 weeks pregnant! I waited until the end of the interview, I felt it went well, and then told them. To my surprise they were very supportive, and I still work there to this day (two years later)!



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