Any Couples Splitting Shifts 1st 3rd To Avoid Daycare

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babymakes5 - August 14

I was wondering if there are any dad's (or moms for that matter) that are working 3rd shift to avoid daycare. I work 1st shift (8a-5p) and dh works 3rd shift (9:45p-6:15a). I feel so bad for dh and worry that he's not getting enough sleep. Our baby is 7 wks old and not quite on a schedule yet, but definitely sleeps more at night than during the day. I'm afraid dh is not going to get enough sleep and burn out. Just wondering if anyone else is dealing with this issue and how they schedule their sleep time. ?


ophelia73 - August 16

Wow, sounds a little familiar. I go back to work next Weds. DH works third shift (12 hrs 5:30 p.m.-6a.m.) I am only going to be working 8-1, and am worried that he won't get enough sleep. I know he can nap while she does, but don't want him getting burned out. I know he can work less hours if needed, but still... At this point, we are willing to try anything to avoid daycare, not only for $$ matters, but also for health and b/c we don't want Lucy with a stranger all day. We may still need it, but we are going to try without it.


babymakes5 - August 16

You'll have to let me know how it works out. I don't get home until 5:30 at night and so he can only get about 3 hours a night after I get home and thats if we don't talk or anything! And our little one, Cadyn, hasn't been sleeping much during the day. Poor guy! But I'm thankful that he's doing it because, like you guys, its not only about the $ but the thought of him being with a stranger just kills me. So I guess it's worth it? I hope so! I hope it doesn't hurt our relationship.


ConfuseD - August 20

When our last child was born, my husband and I considered various employment being the 1st/3rd shift scenario. We didn't want to send our child to day care, nor could we afford it (I even quit the job I was at, for several years, because we were determined to work out child care ourselves) . For a couple of weeks last year, I worked a part-time 3rd shift at a local university, but ended up driving a school bus instead. So, now I work the 1st shift with my 18-month old baby. Despite that your husbands aren't CURRENTLY getting as much sleep as they might like, keep reminding yourselves this stage in your baby's life is very temporary. Before you know it, baby will be sleeping through the night. You'll be very glad you flexed for the sake of your child, and eventually you should be able to switch your hours (or careers) back to 1st shift so you can sleep with hubby.


ophelia73 - September 4

So far, so good. DH & I are both exhausted, but we are getting into a routine, and it seems to be working for us. Not to mention that Lucy gets one on one time with her daddy in the mornings, and with me in the afternoon/evening. On the weekends we are all together. Right now, I have the best of both worlds, and even though we will need to use daycare for about 4 hours a day in the future, right now things are going great!!



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