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Lisa - November 22

I am a flight attendant and was wondering if anyone else out there has gone back to flying after having baby? What did you do about nursing? Was it hard to go back? Am freaking out about being gone overnight. Have to go back because I have the health benefits. Any advice would be nice.


not one sorry - November 29

how much discount do u get when flying


m - November 29

i'm a flight attendant and right now we're going through the same dilemma. i'm just about 90% sure i will not return to flying. first of all, i commute a 2-3/12 hr drive to my base and i no longer want to be gone overnight, so day trips are not an option. i don't want the ha__sle of bidding every month then worrying that i have to take everything off my schedule. we would have to get a nanny b/c my husband sometimes gets calls from the hospital at odd hours and he doesn't always comes home right at 5pm, sometimes 6-8pm b/c he has his own practice. we would lose my insurance and we're looking for private ins for us and for his staff. i know other flight attendants do it, but i think i'm done with that chapter of my life. i've been a flight attendant 8 years, so i do go back and forth on this issue b/c of seniority issues. you know, once you leave, you lose all of it. it's a hard decision. my leave ends in mar. i took maternity and personal leave of absence. and i found out there will be no personal leaves for 2006. if we can find an insurance fast and cheaper than what we pay now, i'll feel better. right now, b/c i'm on a personal leave, we do pay for all of my insurance. i won't have trouble leaving the flight benefits, b/c we always pay when we go on vacation. it's not worth it to go standby any longer. i know this may have not helped, but please let me know what happens.


Lisa - November 29

m- its so hard to give up senority. This is one job you can't pick up at any time. My hubby and I have decided I will go back for 3-4 months then we are packing up and moving back to my home town. I just hope I can drop trips. Am dreading going back. I don't know about you but since 9-11 flying is no fun, I used to love my job and its gone down hill fast. Do you have an friends that have continued flying and are nursing? How do they do it?


m - November 30

i know what you mean about the job being no fun any longer. that's another reason why i'm deciding to leave. i'm tired of being abused and i have better things to do w/my time rather than get on a plane w/ a bunch of cranky ppl. i can have a million bad days w/her and it doesn't even come close to one bad day on the plane. i'm not nursing.i don't have any friends that have nursed. i'm sure it can be done-kinda hard though. yea, senority is why i'm 90% sure i'm not going back, b/c once i leave that's the end-no flight attendant job for me. the training was no fun and when i first started working it was a blast-but like i said, now it's just a job. i wish we could move to my base, but my husband is established here and he's not going to move. if i lived where i'm based, then i wouldn't have any trouble staying b/c then i could only day trips. anyway, keep me posted.



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