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narey - October 19

I am looking at becoming a medical transcriptionist so that I can work form home with our baby to be? Any advice...anyone else out there doing it?


K - October 19

I'm looking into doing that also! Hope someone answers! :)


soleil - October 20

Me toooooooooooooo, hope someone answers.


Heidi - October 23

Check with your local clinics and hospitals. Some hire out transcriptionists. I do at home transcription for our a police dept in a nearby big city part-time along with my full-time job but now that the baby is here they said they'd pay me more to do transcription full-time at home instead of part-time. It's sooooo tempting. Check your law enforcement depts too. I get $12.00 an hour but I'm my own employer so I have to pay taxes but on average I type so fast that I make more like $15 an hour.


lisa - October 25

sorry to be thick but whats a transcriprionist?? can anyone do this?


Heidi - October 25

Where you listen to a recording of a doctor and you type what he says. There are usually short courses at tech colleges. I went for a year but got my diploma. I live near the Mayo Clinic and they offer an in house program that's like 6 wks long but I don't think it's for at home transcriptionists yet.


gwyneth - December 12

I'm from the phils., and i'm interested too of being a transcriptionist. Can anyone help me plsssssss. I need an income for my incoming second baby. Tnks. Or any work will do as long as i can do it in the house. Can anybody help me........?


nia - December 13

check out


Kelli - December 29

I am a medical transcriptionist who is on my second pregnancy and LOVING working from home. My 2-year-old daughter loves it too. It is a very very good job to get into. I too took a 14 month course and got my diploma. I lucked out on my externship and am still with that lady working for two hospitals at home. check out site



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