Baby Screaming For Daddy All Night

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Deirdra - December 7

I went back to work like 2 weeks ago. and my husband watches him...he works days and i work nights...well my son screams and screams and screams...and doesnt eat much becasue he is so worked up...for my husband all night while im at work and i come home and pick my son up and he stops instnatly and i mean trhat mother inlaw lived with us for a while and the baby did the same thing to her. b/c we have left him with a babysitter and he is just fine....nota peep...but for my husband and his mom....has anyone else experienced this??


ashley k - December 8

How old is your son? Babies experience seperation anxiety around 9 months. My daughter is almost ten months. She screams and cries even if I go upstairs for something. Her dad was holding her, I went upstairs for 2 minutes and she didn't stop crying until I came down and picked her up. I'm also with her all day, so she is really close to me. It's really intresting that he was fine with the babysitter.


Deirdra - December 8

my son is just about 2 months. See thats what i thought. about him being older when the sepration begins. But nope, and yea its only for my hubby.


soon2bemomof3 - January 11

yes, usually i get up with my ds (8 weeks old) but my dh tried one night and all he did was cry so I finally got up to get him at 4:30am and he was fine right then, he loves to lay on my chest and sleep. but i love it!!!! haha to my dh. lol.


ezwaggy - May 22

My baby did the same thing up until just recently - she's now 6 months. Her dad has her one day a week to himself (I work that day and he has it off). I guess she's just feeling more comfortable with him? I don't know but she would literally scream from the time I left (for the store, the gym, to the bank for just a little while) until I came home and picked her up. She still has middle of the night issues with him though but after 6 months of no sleep, he just has to get up with her for me sometimes - even if it means they're both up from midnight to 4am like last night. :(



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