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diana - November 17

is it possible to brest feed and blttle feed at the same time (br___t milk and formula )


Heidi - November 17

I've had a lot of people tell me you can. I think it just depends on how well your baby takes to the transition. My daycare lady said I could use formula when she's there and b___stmilk at home as some of her other moms do it.


Lesley - November 18

You can do both yes, but I wouldn't personally. It could upset baby.


Jill - November 18

Some people have to if they don't produce enough milk!


C - November 19

I use Nestle Goodstart and it doesn't upset my son. I use about 8 oz per day when he is at daycare. I tried to pump enough but it just didn't happen. He takes both just fine. His doctor actually suggested supplementing because he wasn't gaining enough weight at first so it's ok. I always use b___stmilk first and just supplement when needed.


mona - December 11

No, You will decrese you milk supply so much that you won't have enough. If you are going to b___stfeed, do it exclusivly or you won't be successful.


Kate - December 14

I did it with my baby. I nursed him for just a little over a year. He took a bottle really well, and he had a bottle so seldom that when he did I gave him formula. It worked really well, and I never had a problem with my milk supply.


C - December 30

I have been doing this for 8 months with great success. I'm now at 12 ounces of formula per day because I only pump 1 x at work instead of 2. It was getting too hard to take that many breaks.


Lindy - December 31

I found an organic formula that I'm going to try on the infant care thread. I just don't feel good about the GMO's and other scary things in cows milk. It's called Baby’s Only Organic made by Nature's One. I plan on having formula at daycare in case they run out of b___stmilk.


Tess - January 3

Yes, my cousin is doin it right now, her baby is about 7 wks old and shes doing both (b___stfeed and formula)



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