Breastfeeding And Work

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Emma - April 11

I am 18 wks along, and I decided that I really want to br___tfeed, but I will have to go back to work after 10 weeks. I plan on expressing br___tmilk at work on my break, and I'm just really nervous about it, because I don't know how often I'll have to do it, and my work is fast-paced-- I only get a half hour total for breaks. Has anyone else been in this situation?? If so, I really need some advice. Thanks.


Nadine - April 11

I am also going to go back after 8 weeks (if I'm lucky and get the time) and I plan to b___stfeed. My sister did it, but she had a cush job. Is there someone at work you can talk to about being flexible? You have to do it, so you need to figure out a way how. You also (as I do) need to think about where you will store the milk--is there a refrigerator available? Good luck.


Katharine - April 13

I nursed after returning to work and pumped both in the office and while traveling for work (find a deserted corner of a parking lot...). I usually pumped twice a day, but your body will get used to what you do. If you only get one break a day, only pump once a day. You will also want to research both state law and inst_tutional rules through HR. My state requires that nursing mothers have a place other than a rest room to pump and that they are able to use any legal breaks/lunch to pump (you cannot be denied that time). As for storage, one of the kits I received from a formula company included a cooling bag with freezable cooling pads. It had room for two bottles and worked great!


Lynn - April 15

I have read that breatsmilk does not have to be refridgerated for 8 hours after pumping... it will keep this long.. If you think about it, it makes sense, our bodies store the breatmilk at 98.6 degrees so as long as its not really hot you should be o.k... plus, some of the pumps (medela) come with a carrying case that has a little built in cooler in it too. I plan on going back parttime at 6 weeks and fulltime at 8 weeks. I want to know how often am I going to have to pump at work? 2 times a day, 3? Thanks


Dahn - May 11

I have an 17month old and I went back to work when he was only 3 months. I had to pump 3 times a day to keep my milk supply up....the more you pump your b___st the more milk you'll produce....if you can pmp as often as you would feed the baby if you were at job was very flexible and they provide a nursing room...I was quiet fortunate. Just make sure you talk to your boss letting them know what your plans are and how much time you'll need.... It is doable ladies just hang in there. Please be sure to always drink plenty of liquids while b___stfeeding...enough for your body and enough to produce the milk. Don't get discourage if the first time you pump you don't get more than 2 oz. Unfortunately nothing can get the milk out better than your keep trying....During my pumping sessions I had 3. In the morning I could get at least 8oz of milk the other 2 session only gave me 4 oz. In one day I was producing about 32 oz of milk....By the way the avent Isis b___st pump works magic....the Medeal electrical pump were too rough on my nipples si I had to stop using it....The Isis was better because I could control how much pressure I was exerting on my nipples and it was just as fast, even though I had to punp one b___st at a time...hope this helps.....Best to all


leigh - June 1

i ve heard you can store b___st milk in the freezer for up to 3 months


la la - June 3

check local legislation about b___stfeeding. I live in Rhode island and employers are obliged by law to provide an office with a key to do pumping or b___st feed, also to give you an hour extra off to do this. when i checked the legislation there were other states on the list. go to la leche's website. good luck! ps. i bought medela electric pump it is great!



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