Bringing Baby To Work

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Amy G. - May 17

I am preparing to bring my baby to work with me when he is 12 weeks old until the time he starts crawling and needing more space and stimulation that I can provide in an office. I am looking for advice from other mothers who have brought their babies to work especially regarding schedule, gear, etc.. Thank you. I work at a desk in an office with one business partner and no other employees. We each have our own work spaces but they are only semi private. I have figured out my baby's rhythm and can usually take care of his needs before he has one of those meltdowns that were so frequent a few weeks ago. I can tell this will make it much easier to have him at the office. Any other advice?


Jbear - May 18

Babies don't always keep the same rhythyms...teething, gas or growth spurts can change their rhythyms. You might do well to bring a baby swing (the silent, battery operated kind). I used to bring my daughter to work with me, and she would sleep in her stroller.


Christine W - June 22

I am a first time mom of a 12 week old myself. I work full time in an office where I can't have my son with me and then I spend 4-5 hours in the evening at the music store I own with my Husband. My situation is one of being behind a counter in a lobby. The key I have found is a good mobile (I recommend the Baby Einstein series) and a comfy port-a-crib with soft blankets to lay on. He has a ton of interactive toys in his crib (rattles, things that play music, mirrors) to keep him occupied and interested. He can watch the mobile for 30-45 minute stretches. I b___stfeed so that can be tricky but with the help of my husband the counter is covered during those times. I change diapers right there too. I do take him out of the crib often for holding and cuddling - I often type with him on my lap. The Baby Bjorn is also a can strap your baby to you facing in our out. My son loves to see everything. A good idea is an occa__sional trip outside or other change of scenery...that way they don't get bored. I often narrate as I am working so that he hears my voice as well. A good bouncy chair is also helpful so that the baby can sit up and not just lay all day long. Good luck to you!!!!


E - June 22

We love the Baby Papasan, vibrating chair. Our baby relaxes so easily when the vibration is on. It is the most comfortable "bouncer" on the market, although it does not swing, bounce, or rock. It plays music as well.


joey's mom - October 11

does your office have flourescent lighting? my baby girl is at the office with me all day everyday, and often she gets fussy, and fights naps b/c of those bright lights. I can shut them off in my office so that helps. i have a swing here for her too-couldn't live without it, but jbear is right, after 3 weeks in the office, her schedule is changing, its not always easy. i also have a stroller here, for trips to the other side of the office or copy machine, or walks around the building at breaktime.



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