Can I Collect Disability

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lk - November 10

Hi I've been temping at a company for 8 months now and plan on staying until probably January. My due date is March 11. The thing is I don't get any benefits since I'm with a temp agency. Does anyone know if I will be able to collect either unemployment or disability when I leave? I'm not planning on going back. Oh I'm in NJ if that helps.


Jbear - November 11

It doesn't seem very have to be fired or laid off to collect unemployment, and you have to be actively looking for a job. For social security disability, you've got to be disabled for at least six months before it starts paying. Your state might have something, the only one I know for sure does is California. What you probably will be able to get if you're not working is some sort of public a__sistance.


lk - November 12

Thanks for responding Jbear. I know it doesn't seem likely but I'll look into it anyway. Good luck to U!


Tess - November 15

To lk, check this website and click maternity leave and pregnancy laws


stefanie - November 17

i also worked for a temp agency, i am 8 months and a week pregnant and the company let me go because they said i had to many doc appts. that seems like a wrongdoing to me, but i don't know if it's against the law or anything. either way, just watch your back because ppl like to "get the best of you"


T. - December 7

I know that you cannot be discriminated against for being pregnant. I am not sure how you can obtain disability insurance if you don't already have it. I know some companies like AFLAC offer insurance, but I don't know if it would be considered "pre-existing" condition if you get the insurance once you are pregnanct. Here is a link to check out on your legal rights while pregnant: I hope this helps.


HR Girl - December 17

I handle HR in NJ as well as other states. You are the temporary company's employee and earned wages in NJ. Undoubtedly you have paid in to the State's disability plan, it's the law. Therefore, you are definitely ent_tled to apply for short term disability benefits through the state.


lk - December 28

Thank you to all who responded, you've been very helpful! Happy new year!


Tess - January 3

I dont think so.....not unless you got fired or laid off.



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