Can Mgmt Deny Pregnant Woman To Eat At Work

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Chris (a concerned hubby) - December 8

Ladies, hope u can help, my wife asked me to find info. A gal at her job who is pregnant was told by the office manager they were to busy and she could not stop to take lunch or eat at her desk. This is a real winner here cause the office is of all places a Pediatric Doctors office, I kid you not about this. Thanks for any responses you may offer.


Shelly - December 8

What state are you in? Each state has different labor laws. In California, where I am, you have to give two 10 min. breaks and one 30 min break for each 8 hour shift. Check the labor laws in your state, they should be similar. She could also look into weather pregnancy is covered in the people with disabilities act.. If it is, they would have to make reasonable accomidations. If I were her, I would keep snacks in my pocket and eat in the bathroom until this is worked out. Don't forget about the power of word of mouth either. This doctor's business would suffer if word got out that he is doing this. All you might have to do, if the legal route doesn't support her position, is let a few parenting groups and some people that help parents know what is going on. A letter to the editor of your local paper(s) will also open some ears. It will spread through the community like wild fire. Good luck.


Beth - January 13

In CA. for every 8 hour shift say 9-6 there has to be given two 15 minute breaks and an hour lunch.


Hi - January 21

WOW unbelievable. That is totally not right. Make sure you tell her that no matter what she needs to eat something every few hours while pregnant. If she is hungry, thirsty etc.etc. the baby is also feeling the same thing. I am sorry I don't believe in depriving the baby of the things it needs. That doctors office should be ashamed of themselves. Good luck! Like the others say it is against the law. Everyone deserves a break. Besides pregnant women need to get off their feet here and there.


amber - April 4

I am kind of going through the same circ_mstances at my job, and I'm p__sed off. I am a preschool teacher, and i cut my hours back to 6 hours. I am there from 12pm to 6pm. It is supposed to be a christian place, yeah whatever. I am now 7 mos preg and now just wanting to sit down here and there since we are usually on our feet with the children all day. I asked if i could sit down outside while we stand a whole hour, and first it was they pulled me into the office saying i need a doctors note to sit...and i can't eat whenever I want..and i only snack when the kids snack, or if i'm really hungry, i've only eaten something when i got real low blood sugar, and i usually asked first..once or twice i didn't and was eating some crackers. I think this is wrong for them to tell me i can't sit down unless on the floor in an activitiy with the children....and i think its wrong i can't eat when i want. I don't even eat alot..just snack alot..I am really big for 7 mos too since i am so short..i always gain alot of weight and get big when i'm pregnant. Also they are making me get on the floor for an hour or more to rub backs at nap time..there are other teachers there to do these things and i don't understand why i can't do other is possible. Other teachers don't rub backs....I also asked if I could not bend so much..because we don't have a janitor so we all share cleaning duties which include cleaning bathrooms, vacc_ming, sweeping and mopping..all at once at night..they kinda cut that back, but still expect me to do it, cuz the other teachers "leave early", or don't finish the job, just alot of unfair stuff....what should i do? I go to the docs tomorrow hoping he can specify my note on sitting and things. it really makes me mad since no one else is pregnant, they are young, and they are capable of doing the job i was doing up till now....I always kept that place clean, did my job good, its just a lil harder now.


Ariana - April 4

Whatt!! this is crazy! Im in VA and know that for every 8hr. of work u have to get two 15 min break and an hour of lunch


raye lynn - April 5

she should of thrown up on the boss's desk every time she felt nauseous cause she couldn't eat when she needed to.


Jessica F. - June 19

I would say tell her to get a dr's note stating that she has to eat blah blah blah, and then they can't do anything to her if she does take a break to eat


chrissy - June 21

i had problems with my work place at first but i looked on the net to see exactly what i was ent_tled to also looked at my work places policies and procedures when pregnant i then arranged a meeting with boss told him if things wasnt sorted i would go higher basically said i was being discriminated against cos i was pregnant it worked they was all so nice to me afterwards :-)


s - June 22

Chris and Amber-Did you're situations ever get resolved? I hope so!



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