Can My Employer Do That

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Michele - May 14

I work at a grocery store. Before I got pregnant nothing never arose about replacing me. The one day that I could not find something and didn't do it the next my employer said that i use my pregnancy as an excuse which I don't say nothing about being pregnant, that I'm lazy and she can replace me in a heartbeat. I do my job and then some. Lately they put up a sign for part time nights(2-3nights a week). I'm starting wonder if she is going to replace me and if I am going to have a job.


Rhonda - May 16

That's really messed up, What state do you live in? unfortunally some states are Right to Work states, Which means you have the right to work anywhere you want and employers have the right to hire and fire as they choose. If they decide they don't like the color of your shoes some states they CAN fire you, and not even have to give you a reason why. Other states what you just mentioned is a big no no, They can not fire you for being pregnant. However be careful they do not find a reason that is legit and use that one instead because they really need a non pregnant woman. I am lucky my boss loves that I am pregnant, and has been pretty supportive. Good luck I hope it all works oout and keeps us posted!


Jbear - May 18

I think you should get a note from your doctor saying you're physically able to perform your job duties, and bring it to your employer. The next time you can't find something, instead of leaving it undone, call your employer and ask where it is. Your employer sounds very rude. It can be very stressful to work for someone who is verbally abusive. Is the store you work for part of a chain? Does this woman have a supervisor somewhere who you can speak to? If you're not too far along in your pregnancy, you might think about finding a different job. When I was pregnant the first time, the man I worked for made me get a doctor's note every week saying that I was still able to work. I had to have an emergency c-section a month early, and he called me in the hospital and fired me for not giving him any notice that I was having my baby. Now I'm working for a larger company. If my manager gives me any trouble about my pregnancy, I will complain to her supervisor, or her supervisor's supervisor, or the owner of the company.


jenni - August 22

Well I got fired at 7 months pregnant .I told my boss i was pregnant at 3 months and since then she started acting really rude and verbally abusive by saying rude comments in front of fellow employees.So my husband called her and told her to lighten up a little he wasnt rude about it .So she made me listen to the message and then fired me in front of my employees.Now I have no job! What should I do....


Jessica - August 22

I think each of you should look up the pregnancy discrimination act and also look up information on pregnancy and discrimination for each individula state that each of you live. No matter what state you are in no employer has a right to discriminate against you and if they do you can take action. Also look up any law referal hotline and start contacting people who know and understand the laws and your rights in your state.



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