Changing Jobs At 6 Months

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Jen Menzel - July 8

My husband is being transferred to a new city. I will be doing all interviews for a new job by phone, so my boss will not know I'm pregnant until I start. Is it unethical to not say anything? Another chink is that I plan to reduce hours significantly after the baby is born. I know that may mean changing jobs, so I do I pursue only a part time job for now? I would really like to build up my savings before baby comes. Please help!!!!


Jbear - July 10

That's kind of won't be working for them long enough to be covered by FMLA, so if you don't tell them you're pregnant, then they could hire someone else for the job while you're out having the baby, but at the same time, if you tell them you're pregnant, they might not hire you. I guess if it's a job you would like to keep for more than the few months before your baby is born, you might want to tell them you're pregnant, to start off your relationship with your new employer with honesty. If they're checking your references with your last job, someone may mention to them that you're pregnant, anyhow.


Pamela - July 14

I am sort of in the same situation. I had been trying to get a new job for the last year and finally something started working out for me but I was 6 weeks pregnant, long story short they have finally gotten things worked out where they can make me an offer but now I am 5 months. Legally speaking they can not refuse to hire you based on your pregnancy. What I decided to do is allow the written offer to come in then before accepting tell them I am pregnant and see if they are willing to work with me. You will not be covered by FMLA and unless your state law covers maternity issues then they can fire you if you go out on maternity leave for excessive absenses. Once you tell them you are pregnanct if you get that feeling that they aren't willing to help much or to work with you then turn down the job.


Jen Menzel - July 14

Thanks to all who replied. The most amazing thing happened. While interviewing with a company that really intrigued me, I decided to be honest. And it worked to my advantage. They are willing to hire me at full time until baby and then we will discuss my post-baby hours. I do work in a field that encourages a flexible schedule but it's still pretty exciting. I thought I'd end this discussion on a positive note. Good luck to everyone in this stressful venture!


Crystal - September 14

I am in a very similar situation. Thanks for the encouragement. I will have to work this out but it doesn't seem as scary knowing that other women have made their careers work for their lives.



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