Convincing Hubby I Should Stay Home

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Ginny - October 12

My job just offered me paid maternity leave(unexpected!!) for 6 weeks if I am willing to come back. Previously, I was planning to take in child care (I have a PreK-4th Grade Educ. degree). Even though we'd be scrimping, I'd really rather take in the home child care and be with my own baby. The con is that there is no real certainty that people will accept my offer, so no guaruntee of steady income. The Pro of going back to work is the $, but also I'd have to pay daycare and my degree would be going to waste. I think I will be happier teaching children, but he is super worried about $. (Stupid $!!) What would you do in my position and has anyone had a similar problem? Also, any suggestions of extra income? (By the way, hubby is no dictator - just worried about $)


Cutie - October 13

What is it that you do at work now? Is there any chance of bringing the baby to work with you?


MJM - October 14

This is what I did. I printed out a calander for 1 month. My hubby gets paid every thursday am (direct deposit thank god). I took the calander and wrote in on the dates that all of my monthly bills were due. At the end of the week I made a total of the amount per week. I took an average of what my dh makes. Which is hard. During summer and until mid-end of November her makes about 1000-1300 a week. BUT the rest of the year he makes between 600-800 a week. That is all take home. So anyway with the calander I figured that he makes 700 a week. That way during the slower season no worrys. If my bills totaled 500 I would say ok now I have 200 for groceries diapers formula and everything else. And if the next week the bills were higher I knew that I needed to carry over some monies from the previous week. Is this confusing you? Now if you have enough $ to take care of everything and have at least a little extra every month then go for it. I am thinking on staying home also. We just would not be able to go buy what ever we wanted whenever we wanted anymore. So it will be another lifestyle change that is for sure


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 16

I am a stay at home mommy and LOVE IT! If I were going to go back to work my daughter would go to daycare where my mom works which is a school (she is a 2nd grade teacher) Maybe you could look into that. If he is worried about money, maybe you could get a job at a preschool or even a daycare teaching older kids and you will be right there in the same building as your baby


lmrod55 - October 17

I would suggest living off your hubby's income for a couple of months NOW and see how it works out. Don't forget to include the new bills: diapers; formula, etc that the baby will need. Put all of your income during that time straight into a savings account. Also, the decision doesn't have to be final...maybe go back to work and see if you like it - if you don't then you can quit.


Alycia - October 18

Maybe you could advertise in advance that you'll be doing daycare to see who bites. I'm sure a lot of people who have their children in group daycare settings but are looking for something smaller would be willing to wait a few weeks or a couple of months until you're ready.


mira - October 22

Childcare at home might be your only choose. I think it will be hard to find a job that pays well if you only have upto a 4rd grade education. You could stay home and try to keep taking clases to get more education so you can get a better job to make more money.


to mira - October 26

I think she has a degree (college) in early education, not that she only has a fourth grade education ; )


Confused - November 13

If your area is anything like the one I'm in, you'll have NO PROBLEM getting people to come to you with child care needs. In fact, you'll most likely have to turn away a lot because you won't have enough openings. If it helps, perhaps writing out the actual $$ pros and actual $$ cons will help you look at the situation realistically. If you continue to be employed where you currently are, it'll cost money, not just in day care, but you'll have to supply disposable diapers (I've done cloth, which are much cheaper) and formula (you'll end up b___stfeeding for a shorter amount of time), and many places require that you also make monthly donations (such as juice, baby wipes, etc.). Also, if you want to put your degree to work, perhaps you can look upon this as the best time to do it. When else were you planning to start? Trust me, either way you'll, most likely (but not definitely), be scrimping for a small amount of time. When you look at the big picture (maybe a couple of years for the roughest part), it doesn't amount to squat. You should be fine. You may just have to learn how to cut certain unnecessary expenses.



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