Daddy Dilemas

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Nervous Mother - September 15

I'm just finishing my maternity leave so I'll be back at work next week. My husband has taken the next 4 months off to take care of our newborn. I know that most women would be thrilled to have their husbands commit themselves to their baby...However, I can;t help but be petrified. I love my husband, but he is absolutely clumsy and forgetful. I've been hinting for the last few months that maybe he should NOT take the time off. He however remains adament, and feels that it is his duty. I'm going to be extremely nervous during this time. What should I do? How can I calm my anxiety?


Betty - September 16

You have to trust you husband. He is the father of your child and even if he makes mistakes like putting diapers on backwards you have to let him learn to care for your child so that he can embrace fatherhood.


Kendra - September 16

Parenting is all about learning. In the past few months you probably learned alot about being a new mom and I'm sure you made some mistakes. Obviously your husband would never do anything to harm your child so trust him. He might surprise you.


dawn - September 22

just think about this: would you rather have your husband taking care of your baby or some stranger?


Beth - November 19

I am the same way about my husband and I am scared to death but its better than a stranger and I am only a phone call away.


lilmama - November 27

you could make bottles ahead of time so that he can heat them up, so you dont have to worry about that. Maybe make a list of your babies daily schedule to help calm your fears and give him something to refer to if he needs help. Make sure everything he needs is in plain sight so he will be sure to find it. Just remember, like Kendra said, parenting is about learning, and he has been there for every step just as you have, so dont be so worried about it.


tiffani - November 27

Tell him how nervous you are (sugar coat it a little to protect his ego). Give him a trial run when you are home before you go back to work. Have him take care of the baby and act as if you're already back at work and unavailable to help. See how he does, give him feedback, and relax a little. I bet he'll surprise you like my husband did. You're very fortunate to have him home with the baby for 4 months. Best Wishes!


Willow - January 9

Trust in him. He may be clumbsy now, maybe because he thinks you're watching his every move. When he is home by himself and comfortable he will get used to caring for baby himself and will remember all the things you've probably been remembering for him right now. Have faith and I'm sure when you come home from work he'll have quite a bit more than you expected under control. If you think you need to go over a list of things that each of you will use when you are home alone with the baby. That will also make things easier


Harris - May 25

I bet he'll be GREAT



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