Feeling Like Im Disappointing My Employer

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krock107 - September 23

So, I was hired on at my current job six months ago and not even a month later I was pregnant. Not the best timing, but I was completely upfront with my employer nonetheless. He said he was thrilled for me, but as time progressed he began complaining about the time I spent in the bathroom, due to my not so fun morning sickness, and the few days that I had to take off when the fatigue and sickness were too much to take. The majority of the days I am at work I get really upset with myself and stressed with the pressure of fullfilling my workload up to my prepregnancy standards. This is my first child, and I know fatigue, sickness, back pain are all normal but has anyone else ever fealt like the side effects of pregnancy might be hurting their job performance? bc I really need to keep my job and the insurance that goes with it. And im wondering what the ethical and healthy thing for me to do for me in my current situation.


CourtneyHope - September 30

The beginning of your story is exactly what happened to me. My husband and I tried for a year and a half before we got pregnant. I left an extremely stressful job for my current job and a month later I am prego too. I was the same way, I told them everything as soon as I found out. I have been really lucky though. I come in early and take quick lunches to make up my appointments, and I didn't have any of the sickness. You just need to take it easy. When you get worked up, I'm sure the symptoms are getting worse. I'm afraid of what's going to happen after my maternity leave. I am definitely coming back to work, but I would love to come back part time at first, then work my way to full time. What are you going to do after you have the baby, how far along are you?


krock107 - October 1

Well, I am 24 weeks now and I plan on coming back to work as well after the baby boy has arrived. After disablilty, I most likely will come back part time at first but soon thereafter I will go back to full time. Im lucky though that my mother has a daycare close by , and will make a spot quickly for her first grandchild. I have told my employer that this is my plan, but being that Im not psychic and know not what the rest of this pregnancy will be like , the plan could completly change. They seemed ok with this so far. The only problem is they have had to let some people go in the recent weeks and may end up being shorthanded during my leave. So im a bit worried myself how things may change in the coming weeks. So how far along are you?


CourtneyHope - October 1

I am 15 1/2 weeks. I am not sure how to tell my bosses that I want to start back at part time. It is kinda an akward subject to bring up considering they have been so great with everything else. I just don't want them to think I'm taking advantage of how nice they are.


krock107 - October 1

I think the only thing that we can do is be honest with our employers and hope for the best. Im sure if you havent had problems so far with them, they will be reasonable about the part time thing. I work for a small company and I have grown comfortable taking my concerns to the HR person. You could always talk over your options with them and just explain that you are not going to neglect your work resposibilities ...you just want to ease your way back into working full time. If you dont feel compfortable doing that , talk to coworkers if they have been through the maternity leave transition, and how they dealt with it. I couldnt do that unforntunately because I work with all men, which has made the pregnancy experience pretty interesting.


CourtneyHope - October 1

So....my office is pretty small, tiny in fact. I work with 4 other women, one of whom is the bosses wife. That is all. They have never had anyone that has been prego or needed a maternity leave. They are always joking that I should have it on a Saturday and be back to work on Monday. They are totally joking, but I know they want me back ASAP. I'm just not sure how to bring it up because I don't want them to think I'm just not going to come back. I have been very open and honest with them, and they are very willing to listen and help me, but that just makes me nervous. I just can't imagine heading back to work 6 weeks after the baby is born. I'm not even sure we will have the baby on a schedule by then, not to mention I will have to pump at work to keep the milk flowing. Yikes....I just wonder how to bring it up.


kadybaby - October 6

much like your story, I started a new job & became pregnant 4 mths following. My husband and I were "trying" at the time I started my new job, so I had advised my employer that this was hopefully in our near future. I recently returned to work this Sept. ( 5 wks after my baby boy was born) I think for any new mom it is hard to balance things, esp. w/ a first baby. I work as a dental a__sistant & work is hectic- I have had a hard time multi tasking like I used to at work. I was feeling overwhelmed, thankfully I have a great boss, so I was able to talk w/ him. Just remember you & the baby come first, I know it is hard sometimes. Good luck!



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