Finding Child Care For Six Week Old Baby

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Suzanne - June 2

I am a first time mom. My son is six weeks and I do not need to go back to work just yet but I want to have a few days to myself (mostly to sleep!) and work up my comfort level with a sitter for when I decide to go back to work. I found a stay at home mom who will watch him. I met with her and she seems nice. She has a very happy 9 month old son. He hasn't had his shots yet. Is it ok to leave him with her for a few days a week? What did you guys do with your six week old when you had to go back to work? I do not have any family where I live so that is not an option. Thanks.


Been There - June 2

I have used daycare centers. My husband is not comfortable with at home day care. With a daycare center, you can visit when you want. Of course most have security or you must use your own code to get in. I don't know about the shots. I don't think it matters that her son doesn't have them as long as yours does. I would think, however, that she'd want her son to have the appropriate shots, but that's another story. You should do what makes you feel comfortable. You would do well to leave him for a few hours or one day at a time to see how he fairs. You should also plan some random drop ins, which she should be open to since your son will be there.


ConfuseD - June 5

What I did with my six-week old when I needed to return to work (to satisfy my FMLA requirements so my husband and I didn't have to reimburse the company I work for for my medical premiums - despite that I took EARNED TIME OFF for my maternity leave - AARGH!!!)...ahem...well, thanks to the recommendation of my supervisor, I extended my maternity leave and have had a reduction in hours since returning to my job (my youngest baby is 3 1/2 months old). I also don't plan on staying in my current job too much longer, and my employer is aware of it, because I have child care issues. For one, my youngest daughter (age 19) is watching her baby brother out of the goodness of her heart, but needs a life of her own. For another, I don't know how child care is in your area, but from what I've checked out, it's nearly, if not more than, what many women (including myself) earn. Why bother? Also, there's waiting lists a mile long, especially for infants. And, lastly, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, I miss my baby when I'm away. My husband and I are working on satisfying our financial needs (checking into varying shifts so we can alternate child care between ourselves and/or self-employment) while also satisfying our emotional needs. Keep in mind that babies are so tiny for such a short amount of time. If you don't need to work (outside the home), my belief is DON'T. Taking care of your children is a real job, with real monetary value. If you can find a way to stay at home, I think it's preferable, especially if your area is like could spend the bulk (or more) than what you earn on child care. That's pretty defeatest, financially, and to make matters worse, you'd miss out on being with your baby.


dy - July 13

yes, in a perfect world i would love to stay home with my baby until they're 21 or have family watch them. but for me that's not an option and i'm guessing it's not for you either suzanne. i would reccomend looking into childcare centers instead of home daycare. While their are plenty of good home day care providers you will want to do extensive backround checks on them. When dealing with childcare centers (especially national ones like la pet_te or kiddie academy.) their staff and directors have to be certified in infant care, cpr and they have had background checks. it might be a little more expensive than home day care, but you might be able to focus more at work that way.


sa__sifras - July 14

I agree with dy. The rules and regulations of an in home daycare are just as good, but how often are they enforced? I think the extra money is well worth it, but if its too tight for you then I would start your investigation ASAP on this woman. Don't feel like you are prying or asking too many questions either, this is YOUR baby. Just because someone is a mother does not qualify them to take care of children, there are a lot of bad moms out there so do your homework!! If you can, find someone who is licensed through the state. You can never be too careful. I hope I am not scaring you! I was very fortunate with my daughter in finding an amazing woman that only charged $135 a week as opposed to the $200 at a facility. But I did some major detective work as well. Good luck!


ConfuseD - July 16

Suzanne, what are the chances you could find work to do with your child with you...such as school bus driving? Have you checked into these options?


macey - January 13

i remember getting a part-time job offer about a month after my baby was born. but i had begun to search for a nanny quite in advance. ..had checked several nanny agency sites online. Later, through, i managed to contact a nice family, who were ready to share their nanny with me. She seemed very responsible & in a few weeks times i joined my work. my nanny would come-in at 9am and leave when i reached back home at about 2pm! i did feel quite worried and anxious at work, thinking of my baby at home. used to call-up home several times to enquire … but i slowly got accustomed to the routine. good luck xx



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