Fired While Pregnant

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NowListening - September 8

I'm interested in hearing from women who lost their jobs under circ_mstances similar to the following: You went to the doctor early in your pregnancy and he/she gave you a note with one or more of the following restrictions: _No lifting over __; _Frequent breaks __; _No standing for more than _; _Other similar physical limitations. Upon receiving the restriction(s) you turned the doctor's note over to your employer who determined that you were no longer fit to perform your job and, perhaps, told you that you could return when your doctor lifted the restrictions--presumably after you were no longer pregnant. At the time you were terminated you felt well and fully capable of continuing your job. If your employer sent you to a doctor (theirs or your own) upon learning you were pregnant and required you to get a fit for duty notice, I am interested in that as well. Thanks


jmejo2 - January 22

As far as I know they have to treat you like any other temporarily disabled person. Look in your employment handbook if you have one and see what they say...also file a complaint with the EEO they will let you know if you have a case.


LIN - January 26

What country are you in? If you're in the States, then you can sue them blind as it's discrimination.


Rachel29 - January 28

I agree with the other posters that if you're in the US, and you're past your probationary period (usually about 6 months), you are ent_tled to collect disability. Otherwise, it would be discrimination! Let us know what happens.


Mina_M - August 25

Not that it should make any difference (unless maybe you're out there off the coast of Alaska on a crabbing boat!), but what kind of work do you do? I'm just wondering what kind of business treats pregnant women that way? Sure sounds like discrimination to me...


funnygal84 - March 24

agreed. your could easily sue and win, although with many such cases, you never see the money or not for years. nonetheless, speak with your local EEO. they should be reported, as this is definitely unlawful business practice.


GreatGal - April 29

i agree



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