For Teachers That Took Maternity Leave

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nino3 - January 4

I had a question. I have been a teacher for over 5 years at the same public school. I went on maternity leave and could take up to 8 weeks. My paychecks have been rather low and when i called to see why, they told me that i only got 10 sick days a year and that after those 10 days were off they wer taking 35% of my pay or 75 dollars a day..... AHHHH!!!!! Teachers dont make much money and i thought that maternity leave was paid in full. I got duct $1000 last month and they are telling me that this upcoming paycheck I will be duct $903. Is this the normal thing for all teachers or is it only my parish that does this? Please respond, i am very angry right now cause there is nothing i could and they keep telling me that that is what they do to everyone that goes on maternity leave.I am back at work now after my 8 weeks but think this is unfair. Can give me information on this. Thanks


SaraSki - January 15

Here in Washington that's exactly how they do it. I don't know why your benefits person didn't explain this to you...that's bad! It's not that you're getting docked the pay, that's the way NEA argued it. Hang in there!


jacobsmom - January 18

You can use acc_mulated sick leave (if you have any). I was out for 12 weeks with full pay. I did have to get a note from my doctor though (just a form he signed for me). Oh yeah, I'm also in WA.


cayingo - February 16

I teach in Texas, and our maternity leave sounds a little different. First off, FMLA leave allows 12 weeks unpaid. This is federal law. If you are fortunate to have been paying in to a long term disability policy (as I have) you would get the first 6 weeks of your 12 at 85% of your regular salary. The 2nd 6 week's pay is based on how many sick/personal days you have accrued (we get 10 new days annually, but there's no limint to how many you could have had saved over your 5 years of employment- for example I started this school year with 15 days: 5 saved over from last year and the 10 new ones for this year). When the first 6 weeks is up I will start to get checks that will getme through the remaining months of my contract based solely on the days I have remaining (which at this point is down to only 6). If I plan to take any more days (a__sumng I have to go back to school before summer) they will charge me my daily rate to be out ($250 a day). That's the part I don't get b/c they don't pay a sub $250 a day. The are actually maing money off me if I out. ANyway...when you applied for maternity leave did they not send you a letter from your personel dept. explaining all this? They certainly should have done that. Sorry to hear about the confusion. You're right, we don't make enough money as it is. The we aremade to feel punished by staying home with our own children. Good luck to you.



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