Found Out Mid Way Through Process

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Twilight506 - June 19

I'm in the United States and am currently employed in a job that is physically demanding. While I am certain my current employer will work with me and I will be eligible for FMLA at the birth of my baby, the pay is very low. With my skills and degree I am eligible for a better paying job (and it looks as though I might get it). When I started this process (a few weeks ago) I had no idea I was pregnant. Now I know I'm five weeks and I have a second interview this week. It is entirely possible that I can have this job, be trained, and no one ever realize I'm pregnant. The problem is maternity leave. The job is training intensive - they train for six weeks (two out of state) which leads me to believe they wouldn't be able to just replace me suddenly when I went on maternity leave. I know I'm not eligible for FMLA. I was thinking of telling them when I had the paper in hand offering me the job (if I pass this second interview) and asking what my options were because I'd rather them be dishonest outright instead of screwing me over and I not have a job. If they work with me, should I get it all in writing? Are there any laws protecting me besides not discriminating? The money would be very nice and the job would be an office job (taking off the physical strain)... I'm just not sure. On the other hand, I might not pass this second interview and moot point... anyway, thanks.


ChaycesMom - June 20

I would think that if you get the job, telling them afterwards wouldnt be a problem. You could always tell them that you just found out. I would a__sure them that you would be back, definitley, after so many weeks. I would think as long as you have the skills for the job, you should be fine.


mommymu - June 26

Girl, take the job. You are qualified, it pays more and you need a less strenuous job. By law, they have to give you maternity leave. They have no choice. in fact, on top of maternity leave you leagally have 12 additional weeks of family leave if you need it. Whether or not it's paid leave depends on your work place. If the health care is an issue, i'd look into other options/plans for coving doctor bills now that you'll be making more money. I wouldn't bring the pregnancy up at the interview. They say employers don't discriminate, but we all know that's bull. Good luck!


mommymu - June 26

My bad, I did some research and it looks like I misunderstood FMLA. You're right, you wouldn't get the extra 12 weeks, but you would get at least 6.



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