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Darknessangel87 - June 19

I work two part time jobs and want to quit them and get a full time job. I'm 21 weeks pregnant and pretty sure that it won't be noticable if I go on an interview. However, I'm scared that if they do notice or that I mention that I'm pregnant, that I won't get the job. I really need a better paying job that isn't stressful on my body and that I like going to. I don't really care about not getting a paid maternity leave seeing as that even if I stay at my two part time jobs, I won't get paid maternity leave anyways. Someone help me please on anything here, whether it be where to look for a job or anything because I don't know what to do. Thanks.


amanda103 - June 20

I would tell any potential employers about your pregnancy. I know that, even though it's not supposed to, it may be a deciding factor in whether or not you get the job. You're not required to tell them, but especially since you are 21 weeks you're going to start showing soon if you're not already. They'll probably look at that as pretty shady if you weren't forthcoming with that info at the interview. I have a friend who went on an interview while pg, and.....she didn't get the job, but she said she felt good that she was at least honest. Good Luck! I hope you find a great job!


Darknessangel87 - June 20

I kind of figured that telling any potential employers would be the best way to go, but does anyone have any possibilities on what kind of job I should go after? I have experience with working retail, answering phones, and working in a day care center. Any suggestions?


Twilight506 - June 20

Retail tends to be pretty flexible. They have so many people coming in and out they might be willing to work with someone who would be willing to stay around (with the exception of a bump in the road). I'm currently in retail (but trying to get out b/c I have office skills) and I have always found it flexible, if a little demanding. It would also be a good sign of your manager's interest in the employees if he hired you. My current manager is interested in making sure I'm okay and not just following the laws.


Darknessangel87 - June 20

That would be great if I would make more than minimum wage. That's one of the reasons I really want to leave both jobs. I've been working retail for 2 years and I'm still making minimum wage. I'll be getting a raise in a few months, but then minimum wage will be going up again thus making my raise non-existent. And it's only a quarter raise. I don't know what to do. I'd love to find an office job, if they'd hire me.


ConfuseD - July 4

I previously responded to this question, and would still say the same...and a little more, too. You can look for something else, but personally, I'd aim for something you can do with your baby, once he or she is born, such as school bus driving (I'm referring to the small school buses/mini vans, in particular). Rather than get one job that you think you might like, even if it offers more in pay, may not pay off in the long run. If you're going to have your child in day care, kiss the extra money (and then some) goodbye. Besides, you may find that you don't want to leave your child with a day care person. I've heard of MEN that have been single parents who did school bus driving with their children (including, in some cases, homeschooling). Check around to see what you can do, especially with baby in tow, to maximize your dollars and time with your child (trust me, time really does fly). Perhaps there's a different retail place in your area that might allow for you to bring your child with you (most likely, a mom and pop type of business - I've found some small floral shops to be pretty flexible).


jenprice - August 20

I'd be careful about being a school bus driver and bringing your kid on board. It might be OK at an elementary school or something, but when I was in high school, one of the middle school bus drivers had her young children on board, and some of the students tricked her kids into eating chocolate flavored ex-lax and telling them it was candy! The kids were hospitalized an almost died, and the students were charged with attempted murder! Just check out the situation carefully. You can't give your kids and the road 100% attention all the time, and I remember most buses getting pretty rowdy


ConfuseD - August 21

jenprice, your story has its valid points and I appreciate your input, but there are MANY women (and men) who are bus drivers who NEVER have these problems. What you described, too, is something that would, most likely, take place on a big bus (and more so in the inner city) rather than a small one. Either way, you can always speak with the bus company about your concerns, and if they're responsible, will immediately set you up with a route they consider safe. If they're not responsible, you can switch bus companies, or stop working as a bus driver altogether (if it's THAT bad). Also, to put this in perspective...when children are very young, they're often put into daycare. How many stories have we heard concerning the bad things that can happen there? I hear a lot more about that.


Been There - August 21

I suggest you don't tell potential employers about being pregnant. You will not look like you are hiding anything if you are hired and then tell. They are not required to know, so they cannot a__sume you are hiding anything. Feel free to interview all you want. A good employer will not care in the least if you are pregnant unless you apply for a position that is physically demanding and could cause you problems or restrictions.


mandie - August 21

I agree with been there. Discrimination on the basis of pregnancy is illegal but it happens. I went on so many interviews where I was honest and upfront, and got the "thanks, but you aren't the candidate that we're looking for..." right after they really seemed to like me. Finally I shut up, got a job, and then mentioned the pregnancy on the first day. I'm 27 weeks, and was just hired last week. No offense meant, but most of the ladies telling you to be upfront probably haven't been job searching while this far along. It's hard, and employers WILL discriminate...


RJ22 - September 1

I would personally look for a job at a daycare center, since you have the experience. This will be a big plus for you when you go back to work, because most likely you could just take your lo with you and still be able to be with him/her during the day and make sure that he/she is well taken care of. Plus, you might get discounted child care through that option. Regardless, though, I would be up front with your employer, because even if they did hire you without the knowledge of your pregnancy, they might feel betrayed when they found out, and unfortunately, they may try to find some random reason to fire you. I hope your job search goes well!!!


dot - September 28

Be honest about it and also tell them that you wont mind the maternity leave and pay


mnbiabs - March 17

I was recently in the same position. I am 12 weeks pregnent (and single), and I was looking for a job. I DID NOT tell potential employers about the pregnancy, and was oferred a position, which I accepted. I feel a little guilty about it, but I am fairly certain that I would have been "out of the running" for most jobs if I had been up front about the pregnagcy (even though the type of work that I do is completely "doable" while pregnant. My a__sumption is that they would be concerned RE my needing time off to go to doctors appointments leading up to the birth, wanting time off after giving birth (which I can not afford since it would be unpaid leave), and needing time off later to deal with issues like a sick child who can;t go to day care, etc. I plan to tell my employer in about a month, and plead ignorance. My big wuestion is this: i know that the law states that employers can not fire you for being pregnant. Does this still hold true if you KNEW you were pregnant when you were hired and did not divulge the information? In the long run, I don't think it really matters. From reading some of these postings, I gather that disreputable employers will come up with some other reason for firing a pregnant women, knowing full well that they will probably never be "called" on it.



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