Going From Part Time To Full Time Work

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Dawn - July 26

I'm in a bit of a dilema (sp) at the moment as I've been made redunent from my part time accounting job. There is very little part time accounts jobs in my area so I have applied for full time work, I'm just not sure I can leave my 1 yr old dd in day care all day five days a week. Dh and I have spoken about and we both feel that part time work would be better but there just isn't any part time jobs dealing with finance. I feel that I'm her mum and I should be looking after her not paying someone else to look after my child. I'm part qualified accountant and I want to finish my course and the best jobs around are full time. I just don't know what to do. Do any of you have your babies in full time day care? and if so how do they get on?


savy - October 2

I'm in the same boat as you are. I just graduated with my BS in Landscape Architecture and there are minimal jobs as it is in that field, much less part time jobs. I've actually been looking on nanny websites to find someone to come into our house or someone that will care for our son at their house. My boyfriend also works part time and takes care of the baby in the morning, and I do the afternoon and evenign shift. They're actually very qualified nannies out there that have child development degrees and have worked with children for several years. I am also working part time right now, and trust is an issue for me. So, my plan is to bring in the nanny for about a month or so during the time that I take care of the baby to make sure I feel comfortable with her in my home.


macey - January 13

its was pretty hard to get through the month with just my dh’s income… so when my ds was about 10months i began to look for a full time job. and that’s when i had decided that i would have to keep him home with a nanny at least until he was 2 n old enough for playschool. being just 11 months, he would prefer to be in a familiar home environment rather than a day care the whole day. so i got a really nice nanny through Tinies.com, may be you could consider getting a nanny for a year and then later send him to a full-time day care. bye xx



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