Has Anyone Ever Worked For National Healthcare Discount

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kaitlin - March 5

i have just been recruited and i was browsing the net about there company...i read alot of negative things about that company and i dont want to get in that kind of mess if its true...


Angel - March 15

I am a single mother of an 8 month old & beginning to run out of diapers. I have been w/ NHCD since 2/25/05 & have yet to receive a check. Check out the ri-off report for more info. Most of all....listen to your gut!


GMB - March 17

i did work for them for a few months and I actually made my money back for the phone deposit and I also made money for recruiting. I left because I needed to get out of my house. I was in a deep depression when I worked for them. But as angel says listen to what you feel right.


kaitlin - March 18

how do i tell them i dont want to do it anymore ...should i just not say anything i think its a waste of time


GMB - March 20

well the way I did it was to just tell my manager I was no longer able to do it. Have you gotten your phone deposit back yet? I am only asking because then you will lose out on your phone deposit.


GMB - March 20

I have something else to say. If your concerned about working from home or the cost of day care/child care contact me at [email protected] I can help you find a few sites to visit. Also, I just read a great book call Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kyosaki. Check it out. No lie it has helped me to change in the last few weeks.


kaitlin - March 25

actually they didnt ask for a deposit for the phone


kk - July 8

i got a message from a representative recruiting reps for the company and called back ~5 times. Line was busy the firest 2 tries - then there was no answer the next 3 times. . . all WITHOUT voicemail! I got a really bad feeling and don't want to waste my time with a co. this unprofessional.


Played - September 2

I believe that they got me. I have been with the company 2 months and I haven't received a dime. Not to mention I work my [email protected]#$ off. Funny, I just found the Aol vs NHCD pages on the internet.


Jennifer - September 19

I had been applying for various jobs just to be able to quit what I'm doing now, and apparently I applied with this company in my haste. They called me back this morning and I wanted to go online and get some info about them... but it's all really negative. Should I just not call them back?


sj - September 22

I have been with NHCD for about a year and i am in recruiting. I had to start in leads and i am not good at it but i wanted to get in. I do get a paycheck every week and i can always get in touch with my manager. the job is not for everyone. if yall want to quit just let them know. ooo and by the way i got my deposit back exactly 30 days of my hire. and i am only paid by commision. You get what you put forth


Diane - November 9



br - November 11

I have worked for this company a few months. Everything seemed okay at first. I started out in leads and then was promoted to recruiting. I was skeptical at first but when I started receiving paychecks I figured everything was ok. The pay is based on commission only, but that was fine with me because I'd been working in sales (for a more reputable company) for a long time. I was just about to move to the sales department when I received notice from my bank that my paycheck had been returned, and the account had been closed. This just happened so I have yet to speak to my manager and get it resolved. I googled the company and found out that National Healthcare Discount consistently rips off employees. Their checks bounce, then they attribute it to changing banks. This would be unusual enougfh if it only happened once, but apparently they've done this to lots of people over a long period of time. They can't really be changing banks that often. It's a rip-off.


H - December 15

I have worked for NHCD for almost two years. In the beginng I thought I was helping people. Now people are upset, not getting their meds and being charged two to three months early for renewal fees. So now when I talk to customers-- I get on websites and tell them where to go in their community to get free coulsling on the new Medicare programs--if I think if would benifit them. Most of our customer base is lower income people that take a lot of medication, so now I feel I'm helping people again.


JCJ - January 4

I worked for NHCD for two months starting in September of 2005. I wish I had seen this before then I wouldn't have wasted my time or my money. I wrote them a letter to receive my deposit back and a refund for my last month's access code fee because Hurricane Wilma messed up my phone and I could no longer work. We are now in a new year and I have YET to hear from them!!!!! I AM UPSETTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried to file a complaint with the BBB and they said they don't deal with those such disputes, we should all get together and file a cla__s action suit to teach those thieves ripping off single parents and disabled people a lesson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tola - January 6

Hey everyone, I also came across NHCD but decided that I would have to work long hours to be compensated well. I now work for a company called Ameriplan. They compensate very well unlike NHCD. This company pays daily. I've already made good money and I just started a month ago. The company is registered in the BBB and has been featured on "60 Minutes". If you are a stay at home mom and are interested in making good money, check out this website www.freedomathometeam.com/freedom. Good luck to you all!


To Tola: - January 7

Tola: Do you have to put any of your own money into it?



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