Have You Heard Of Being Fired Than Rehired

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Shelby - November 4

I work part time, since I have only worked over 700 hours in the past 12 months, I was told I do not qualify for unpaid maturnity leave, so I will be terminated, than rehired when I come back for the same salory. On my work record it will say terminated/maturnity leave.??? What is your opion on this????? Thank you!!!


ErinJoy - November 18

It doesn't sound right to me. It should not be called "terminated" I would think it would be called something more appropriate for the occa__sion.


Yory - January 21

I work in HR for a major corporation, and it really depends on the company. Seeing that you only worked PT you are not eligible for most benefits, like maternity leave. The term "terminated" is a very broad term used across the board. You could be listed as terminated when you resign from a company, so I wouldn't worry too much about the terminology. Be grateful they are willing to rehire you after you have your baby!


Kelly K - March 8

I'm also in HR and agree with Yory. One thing though - make sure you get it in WRITING. CYA.


gonzaki - May 14

I experienced the same thing. I was hired my a company when I was 12 weeks pregnant, expecting my benefits to kick in before the baby was due. I ended up on bedrest before they did and was terminated because I didn't have short term disability. My company hired me back after I'd been home with my baby for two months. They did that for me but never gave me anything in writing and did actually post the position for others to apply. When I returned, it was like starting all over again, as though I had never acc_mulated any time with the company at all. But I am thankful they hired me back.


Gen - July 19

How can I get out of working during my early pregnance. What are the stage or conditions that the doctor will take me out of work.


To Gen - August 8

You need to stop hoping for the worst and wish for the best. If you don't want to work.. quit. Don't wish a condition upon you or the baby.



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